Jianshui County Transportation

As early as the Tang dynasty, Jianshui was the main road of the southern silk road. Jianshui used to be the political, military, economical, cultural and transportation center of south Yunnan since Yuan Dynasty. Today, long-distance buses and trains to Jianshui are available, transportation in Jianshui is relatively convenient.

How to Get to Jianshui

There is no airport in Jianshui County. Usually, you will arrive in Kunming first, and then travel to Jianshui by road or by railway to visit Jianshui Old Town and other highlights there.

By train

Train is a main way to get to Jianshui. In Jianshui, the main railway station is Jianshui railway station. You can take a train to Jianshui from Kunming, Mengzi and Hekou county

Jianshui Railway Station(建水站)

On February 23, 2013, railway from Yuxi to Mengzi was put into operation. Therefore, Jianshui railway station was relocated from Yinghui road in Lin'an town to Jinjizhai village, in the meantime, put into use. On January 5, 2019, bullet trains were officially launched at Jianshui station.

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By Long-distance Bus

Another way to Jianshui is by long-distance bus. Jianshui bus terminal is the main bus station in Jianshui. Linan town, the county seat of Jianshui County, is about 200 kilometers from Kunming, 80 Kilometers from Mengzi, the government seat of Honghe Prefecture. Tourists can take a long-distance bus from Kunming South Bus Station to get to Jianshui County, or go to Yuanyang, Jinping, Lvchun and other places from Jianshui by long-distance bus. 

  • Jianshui Bus Terminal(建水汽车客运站)
    Address: No.280, Yinghui Road, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县迎晖路280号
    Tel: 0873-7653538

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By Air

There is no airport in Honghe prefecture yet, but Mengzi Airport, Mile Airport and Yuanyang Airport are under plan and construction. In coming years, travel to Honghe by plane will be available.

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How to Get Around Jianshui

By Shuttle Bus

There are regular buses from Jianshui bus terminal to other towns and townships in Jianshui, like Puxiong Township, Dianwei Township, Guanting Township, Panjiang Township, etc.

By Public Bus

Scenic spots in Jianshui are with Jianshui Ancient Town as the core, attractions are relatively concentrated. In most cases, buses between attractions are conveniently available. The fare for public buses is usually 1 yuan, some are 2 yuan. Most of the buses in Jianshui start at 08:00 and end at 23:00, some are 06:30-21:00. If you want to get around by Bus, keep an eye on the time.

By Taxi

Taking taxi is surely more expensive than public bus, but it is more convenient to get a taxi. Therefore, when two places are not far, we suggest you to take bus or walk. If you are not familiar with Jianshui, taxi can take you anywhere in Jianshui.

By Car Rental

Renting a car to travel around Jianshui is more comfortable and convenient but even more expensive than taxi. If you need to rent a car, Yunnan Exploration provides you this service, please call us or send us an email.