Jianshui County Attractions

Jianshui county, formerly known as Lin'an, has been a political, cultural and transportation center since the Yuan dynasty. With a very long history, Jianshui is renowned as a historic and cultural city in Yunnan even all over the China. Therefore, attractions in Jianshui are mainly historical and cultural landscapes.

Top Attractions

Jianshui is one of the important tourist destinations in Yunnan. It is well-known for its ancient architecture culture and confucian culture. Here below are the top attractions in Jianshui, click and learn more about them.

Temples and Mosque in Jianshui

Since Hui is one of the ethic minoroties in Jianshui, mosques can be seen there. In addition, Buddhism is the main religion in Jianshui. 

Villages in Jianshui

Jianshui is home to some ethnic minorities, including Hani, Yi, Dai, Hui and Miao, etc. There are many villages waiting for you to discover in Jianshui. 

Historical and Cultural Sites in Jianshui

Other Attractions in Jianshui