Jianshui County Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience in Jianshui, here are some useful Jianshui travel tips which may be helpful for your Jianshui tour. When plan your trip to Jianshui county, view our answers to questions about Jianshui travel to get better understanding of Jianshui Honghe.

Useful Numbers

Here below are some useful numbers in Jianshui county, in case the emergency while you are traveling (such as sickness or traffic accidents), or have other complaints or questions.

Area Code 0873
Police (Calling) 110
First-aid Ambulance 120
Fire 119
Traffic Accidents 122
Weather Forecast 12121/121
Zip Code Inquiry 184
Tourist Complaints 12301/0873-3727548
Jianshui Bus Terminal 0873-7653538
Jianshui Railway Station 0873-12306/0873-3154630
Public Security Bureau in Jianshui 0873-7629026

Best Time to Visit Jianshui

Jianshui County is located in low-latitude area and the Tropic of Cancer runs through its south. Jianshui County enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate. Trying to avoid summer and autumn when raining and hot occur in the same period. The best time to visit Jianshui is March to April and September to November, the climate is temperate at these months.

What to Pack for Jianshui Travel


In spring, the weather get warmer, but the temperature difference between day and night are relatively large. You can bring T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and jackets in this season. In summer, beacuse of abundant rainfall, umbrella or raincoat is necessary. What's more, to protect yourself from the strong solar radiation, you need sunglasses, suncream and other sunscreen products. And you don't need to bring thick clothes, but T-shirts and thin jackets. In Autumn, the precipitation becomes less and the temperature drops gradually. You are supposed to prepare some warm coats to cope with a sudden drop in temperature. Winter is the coldest season in Jianshui. Although there is no severe cold in Jianshui, sweater and warm coat are still needed in this season. 


During drying days, ultraviolet ray is strong, bringing sun scream, sun glasses, hat and thin long-sleeve jacket is suggested. While during rainy days(usually in summer, rainy and hot), you need umbrella, raincoat, T-shirt and short pants. If you stay outdoors for a long time, please pay attention to sun protection in the same way.

Things to Do in Jianshui

Jianshui Old Town is the highlight of Jianshui tour. When travelling in Jianshui, you are highly recommended to step into Jianshui Old Town, where you can not only taste local food, but also see the ancient Chinese architecture and famous Jianshui purple pottery. And you can visit local typical dwellings at Tuanshan Village. If you go to Jianshui in the right time like the late September and early October, you can also participate in the Confucius Culture Festival at this time, to learn more about Chinese culture. In addition, activities are also conducted in Jianshui Confucius Temple every now and then, you can learn and exprience Chinese traditional Confucian culture there. Other famous attractions in Jianshui include Zhu Family GardenDouble Dragons Bridge and Jianshui Swallow Cave, etc.

Other Tips

Consumption Level of Jianshui

The consumption level in Jianshui is lower than in Kunming, but it depends according to personal consumption, there are luxury places and affordable places. Price in peak tourist season is higher for tourists.


People in Jianshui mainly speak Jianshui dialect. In south Yunnan area, language in different areas has certain difference. Jianshui people speak fast, most of them speak English hardly.


Although overall road condition to Jianshui is not bad, some sections are mountain road, which is rough. Keep away for safety while driving, take good measures to prevent car sickness.


Jianshui possesses bank of China, industrial and commercial bank of China, agricultural bank of China, China construction bank, etc., which are mainly distributed in the county seat.

  • Bank of China中国银行
    Address: No.1, Yongzhen Road, Linan Town, Jianshui County建水县临安镇永祯路1号
    Tel: 0873-7688855
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China中国工商银行
    Address: Qingyuan Road, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县清远路
    Tel: 0873-7652636
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China中国工商银行
    Address: Qingyuan Road, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县清远路
    Tel: 0873-7652636
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China中国工商银行
    Address: No.177, Linan Road, Jianshui County建水县临安路177号
    Tel: 0873-7652223
  • China Construction Bank中国建设银行
    Address: No.75, Zhaoyang North Road, Linan Town, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县临安镇朝阳北路75号
    Tel: 0873-7652172/0873-7656849
  • China Construction Bank中国建设银行
    Address: Jinguang Street, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县觐光街
    Tel: 0873-7617603
  • Agricultural Bank of China中国农业银行
    Address: Guangci Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县广慈路
    Tel: 0873-3181990/0873-7889998

Post Offices and Expresses

Postal code of Jianshui County is 654300, and China post hotline is 11185. There are some post offices and express service in Jianshui you can send some postcards or packages. Postage for sending postcard is 0.8 yuan one sheet.

  • China Post Office中国邮局
    Address: Intersection of Jinguang Street and Yingen Road, Jianshui County建水县觐光街与迎恩路交叉口
    Tel: 0873-7617443
  • China Post中国邮局
    Address: No.167, Chaoyang North Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县朝阳北路167号
    Tel: 0873-7656972
  • STO Express申通快递
    Address: No.274, Yinghui Road, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县迎晖路274号
    Tel: 95543
  • STO Express申通快递
    Address: No.86, Chaoyang North Road, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县朝阳北路86号
    Tel: 95543
  • Yunda Express韵达快递
    Address: No.148, Renhe Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县仁和路148号
    Tel: 95546
  • Express Mail Service中国邮政EMS
    Address: No.47, Chaoyang North Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县朝阳北路47号
    Tel: 11183
  • Express Mail Service中国邮政特快专递
    Address: No.79, Yongning Street, Jianshui County, Honghe Prefecture红河州建水县永宁街79号
    Tel: 11183


Hospitals in Jianshui are mainly concentrated in the county seat of Jianshui county. There are also some Health centers in towns, townships and villages, but facilities are to be improved. Here below are some hospitals and pharmacies in Jianshui. 

  • People's Hospital of Jianshui County(建水县人民医院)
    Address: No. 528, Jianshui Avenue, Jianshui County建水县建水大道528号
    Tel: 0873-7652250
  • Jianshui Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine(建水中医院)
    Address: In the Crossroad of Jinyin Road and Cuiping Road, Linan Town, Jianshui County建水县临安镇金银路与翠屏路交叉口
    Tel: 0873-7654700
  • The Second People's Hospital of Honghe Prefecture(红河州第二人民医院)
    Address: No.28, Zeyuan Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县泽园路28号
    Tel: 0873-7612173/0873-7612174
  • Xiehe Hospital(建水协和医院)
    Address: No.272-6, Yinghui Road, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县迎晖路272-6号
    Tel: 0873-7666411/0873-7667999
  • Tongan Hospital(建水同安医院)
    Address: No.159, Chaoyang North Road, Linan Town, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县临安镇朝阳北路159号
    Tel: 0873-7611120
  • Dongjun Pharmacy(东骏大药房)
    Address: No.197, Yongzhen Road, Linan Town, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县临安镇永祯路197号
    Tel: 0873-7660196 
  • Yixintang Health Pharmacy(一心堂大健康药店)
    Address: No.611, Jianshui Avenue, Jianshui County, Honghe红河州建水县建水大道611号
    Tel: 0873-7619932