Mohei Ancient Town in Ninger County, Pu’er

Mohei Old Town

Most people know the name of Ninglang because of the famous Pu’er tea, followed by the Mohei salt produced by the Mohei town. In the history, the Mohei salt is popular among people because it has less impurities. The prosperity of the former tobacco leaves has created the prosperity of the ancient town. The ancient tea-horse roads that go to the capital and the coastal areas of China must go through the old town, making it very popular. Today, deep salt wells, ancient buildings, long lanes, green stone roads, horseshoe prints on the ancient roads keep the glory of the ancient town. There are Corner Building, Peacock Screen, Yang Likun. 

Mohei is the hometown of the actor Yang Likun and the national model Zhang Peiying. Into the Mohei, People will feel that it is old and young, and there are Xinzhen Street, Xinmin Street, densely populated with all-wood houses. The house is almost a black-and-white wall with a red-wood bar.

Mohei Old Town in Ninger County, Pu’er

Ning’er was introduced to the world for Pu’er tea, and Mohei salt well received for the pure taste and fewer impurities. Tobacco prosperity once created the prosperous town, the tea-horse route connected this place to coastal regions

and the capital city of China, making a Mohei popular spot. Nowadays there still stand deep salt wells, ancient alleys, green stone passes, and hoof prints on the road, telling glory to the past days. Corner buildings, peacocks flaunting tails, and Yang Likun record the everlasting history of Mohei.

Mohei is the hometown of famous actress Yang Likun and the national heroine Zhang Peiying. Buildings in Mohei have black roofs, white walls and red balusters, only yellowed with age.

Location: Mohei Town, Ning’er·Pu’er