Yunnan Red Wine Villa in Mile County, Honghe

Chinese Name:云南弥勒红酒庄
English Name: Yunnan Red Wine Villa in Mile County, Honghe

Yunnan Red Wine Villa, which is a national agricultural demonstration site, is located beside the Kunming-Hekou Highway, 14 kilometers from the seat of the Mile County. It is a grape garden integrating tourism, dining, entertainment, accommodation, reception, business and holiday spending. Unique red wine villa combining both Chinese and western cultures will certainly make you drunk in the sceneries. The beautiful natural garden will make you relax your every nerve and the high-quality red wine will make you personally experience what the life could be. It is a romantic place with red sunset, church and a grape farm of 20,000 mu.

The villa has a high-quality wine grape planting base of 20,000 mu. The grape varieties include the Rose Honey, Cabernet Sauvignon and Wild France. The villa also has international-level large-scale wine workshops and first-class wine making equipment.

You could personally see every wine-making procedure in the villa and taste the beauty of all types of red wines. Just enjoy yourself and you will never regret! Not only the villa has special wines you could not buy in the market, but also the prices of the wines are inexpensive. The villa could even design wines according to your own person taste, making you and your wine both unique.