Ninger County Festivals and Events

In Ninger County, there are many ethnic groups, including Yi, Hani, Bulang, Dai, Bai, Lahu, Wa. Of course, the festivals and activities are diverse.

1. Red Eggs Festival of Hani Ethnic Minority

The first day(whose Chinese Zodiac is pig) of February lunar calendar every year is an important traditional festival of the Hani people - "Red Egg Festival". On this day, the Hani people will get off their work and gather together to celebrate the festival.

2. Nakeli Tea Horse Road Rural Culture Tourism Festival

Based on the deep Pu'er tea culture, ancient road culture and caravan culture, the development of the rural tourism industry will be promoted through carrying out the rural cultural tourism activities, such as the first "Laoganma Cup" mountain bike competition in Nakeli; the walking tour of the tea-horse road experience activity, exhibition and spot sale of special products and local products, Laoganma figure-guessing game, and "Chuangqing Cup" Catching fish championship. Experience the profound Pu'er tea culture, ancient road culture and caravan culture, and feel the leisurely atmosphere of China's most beautiful leisure villages, national civilized villages, national minority unity demonstration villages, and beautiful and livable villages across the country.

3. Zhalete

Zhalete is the biggest festival of the Hani people. Because it is carried out in October of the lunar calender, and it is also called ”Yilaheshi”, which is equal to the Spring Festival of Han, and it lasts six days. On the “New Year”, the villagers will kill a pig. Regardless of the size of the pig, the pork shall be distributed equally by household.

4. Old People’s Festivals

On 15th December in lunar calender, namely, Old People’s Festival, the young Hani men and women dress in traditional costumes to celebrate the festival for the old in the village with the unique dance and rich banquet.