Ninger County Accommodation

Where to Stay in Ninger County

Ninger County is a county under the jurisdiction of Pu'er City, Yunnan Province, China. There are many hotels around Ninger County. Yunnan Exploration will provide the best hotels for you. The recommended hotels are as follows:

1. Ninger Qingshuiwan Vocational Hotel (宁洱清水湾度假酒店)

Add: No.2 Tuanjie Road, Ninger Town, Ninger County
Tel: 0879-3012111

2. Ninger Gold Peacock Hotel (宁洱金孔雀大酒店)

Add: No.357 Dongshan Road, Ninger County
Tel: 0879-3323111

3. Mancheng Commercial Hotel (曼城商务酒店)

Addr: Puer Ancient Town, Tianbi Road, Ninger County
Tel: 0879-3334111

4. Ninger Budget Hotel (宁洱快捷酒店)

Add: In the Intersection of Longyuan Road and Binhe Road, Ninger County
Tel: 0879-3326666

5. Ninger Tongcheng Boutique Hotel(宁洱同城精品酒店)

Add: Tourist Center in Ninger Highway, Ninger County
Tel: 0879-3086688

6. Puer Shihong Hotel (宁洱实宏宾馆)

Add: Minzu Street, Ninger County
Tel: 0879-7227366

7. Chaxiang Inn (茶香客栈)

Add: Bo.76, Dongshan Rod of Ninger County
Tel: 0879-3232939

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