Su Ke Vegetarian Restaurant in Kunming

If you ever felt not in the mood for some greasy food, then Su Ke vegetarian restaurant might be the right place for you. Located on the sixth floor of the Golden Eagle Shopping Mall on Qingnian Road, it is easy to find and to sit back in its “lush” decorated environment.

Before we order, one of the waitresses brought us something to nibble and some green tea to drink. We have to say the complimentary snack was unexpectedly tasty. The cherry tomatoes were pealed and marinated in crystal sugar and lime juice, which was such a delight after spending hours shopping in the mall.


Recommended dish

Grilled Pleurotus eryngii with minced Tofu and BBQ sauce, Mapo Tofu, Fried banana, Fried pea powder, Assorted vegetable clear soup.

(Fried banana)


(Assorted vegetable clear soup)


(Grilled Pleurotus eryngii with minced Tofu and BBQ sauce)


  • Address: Su Ke Vegetarian Restaurant, F6, Building B, Golden Eagle Shopping Mall, No. 418 Qingnian Road
  • Address in Chinese: 青年路418号金鹰购物中心B座6层 素客素食餐厅
  • Tel: 0871-63165418
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00
  • Price Range: 65 Yuan/Person