The Torch Festival in The Stone Forest, Kunming

According to the Deputy Magistrate of the Stone Forest Yang Yan, the 2012 Stone Forest International Torch Carnival Festival will be held on August 6thlasting for 7 days. On the carnival, the kickboxing and the all-star concert will be the highlights of the festival.

The theme of the 2012 Stone Forest Int’l Torch Carnival Festival is to sing in the Stone Forest and to rejoice with wild excitement. There will present the bullfighting, wrestling, horse racing, singing, dancing and other traditional activities to demonstrate the universal Fire Culture of Yi nationalities.

The Torch Festival of Yi nationality is said to be the Oriental Carnival, as a grand old Yi annual festival. It is not only China’s first intangible cultural heritage, but also the one of the top ten traditional festivals in China. In order to promote the Stone Forest Int’l Torch Festival as well as the cultural industry brand of Ashima, the festival in 2012 has carried out large-scale investment to motivate local tourism and cultural industries improvement by the stage of ethnic culture.