Wuhua District Transportation

With Wuhua District's rapid economic development and gradually promoting facilities, the transportation is becoming more and more convenient.

How to Get in?

Although there is no plane and airport in Wuhua District, tourist can take Metro Line Three , then stop at Dongbu Bus Station, and then transfer to line 6. At last, you can  get off the subway at the Airport Center Station. 

Bus Terminal

Kunming Northwest Bus Terminal is located in the junction of Chenjiaying Road and Xiaotun Road.

Direction: Chuxiong Prefecture, Panzhihua City, Lijiang City Huaping County, Yuxi City Yimen County, Anning City.

How to Get Around?


The fare for public buses is RMB1 throughout Panlong. Most of the buses in the city start at 6am and end at 10:30pm. Passengers should stand close to the door if they want to get off, otherwise, the driver may simply not stop. Some buses also have an English recording that calls out the names of stops.


Taxi fare inWuhua  District is RMB8 for the first 3 km and RMB1.8 for each additional km (RMB9.6 and RMB2.7 after 10 PM). For a trip longer than 10 km, the part after 10km is charged RMB2.7/km.


There is subway service in Wuhua District now. You can take line 3 to Panlong District.

Sharing Bicycle

Sharing bicycle is another option in Wuhua District. You need to download an APP, such as OFO Bicycle.The deposit is 99 yuan and can be refunded at any time. New registration is free for five times, 1 yuan an hour. 2. Riding fee is 1 yuan per 60 minutes for ofo and 0.5 yuan per 60 minutes for students.