Wuhua District Shopping

Shopping is very convenient in Wuhua District. Tourists can buy any specialties they want here. We list some specialties worth buying.

 Yunnan Flower Cake

Flower cake is a special Yunnan cake with edible roses. It is a representative of Yunnan classic dim sum characterized by flower flavor and Yunnan flavor. Most of the local bakery brands in Yunnan have sales of flower cakes, among which Jiahua Cake House is the most famous.

Yunnan Baiyao

Yunnan Baiyao is a traditional proprietary medicine produced in Yunnan Province. Because of its good effect on hemostasis, promoting blood circulation and dispersing blood stasis, removing fire and removing swelling, expelling pus and driving poison, it has become a special drug for treating all kinds of damnification, erythematous sores, gynecaemia, sore throat and chronic stomach disease. 

Jade and Jewelries

Jade and jewelries are sold in shopping Mall and specialized jewelries stores. We suggest that you could buy Jade and jewelries from shopping Mall but not from specialized jewelries stores because there are fake goods.

Yunnan Specialty Supermarket (云南特产超市)is located in No.692, Xichang Road in Wuhua District.

Yunnan Specialty Store(云南特产商店)is located in No.432, Qingnian Road in Wuhua District.

Yunan Local Specialty Supermarket(云南土特产超市)is located in No.2, Jiangbingxi Road in Wuhua District.