Boxi Bay of Luchong Scenic Area in Chengjiang County, Yuxi

Boxi Bay is located in the Luchong Scenic Area on the shore of Fuxian Lake in Yuxi City’s Chengjiang County. It has a beautiful scenery and is like a beautiful landscape painting. Here, visitors can enjoy the beautiful lake, the mountains, the sun, and the beach while having a happy holiday. On top of the Bijia Mountain visitors can get a panoramic view of the beauty of Boxi Bay and Fuxian Lake. It is also a good place for bird watching every year from winter to early spring.

Scenic spots are not free. Adults are 20 yuan a person. It’s worthwhile to have a good time with mountains, rivers and beaches. When I go there, it’s cloudy, windy and cold, and all water facilities stop working. I choose a sunny day to have a good time. The company will build a reunion, family dinner, friends’reunion will be worth visiting. I can drive my car to the beach by myself. Strongly recommended!

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