Chengjiang Dining

Chengjiang lotus root, more than 20 kinds of fishes in Fuxian Lake and stewed yam rice are all local special foods. Sour spicy is the favorite taste of Yuxi people. So dishes here are kind of spicy and sour. Kanglang Fish is especially worth to mention. Here is the information about what & where to eat in Chengjiang county.


⇒What to Eat in Chengjiang County

1.Stewed Fish in A Copper Pot (铜锅鱼)

Stewed fish in a copper pot is cooked in a special copper pot and use the spring in deep fish hole, called "True Water". Put fresh Kanglang Fish (now catfish and grass carp are used more) in the pot. Then add appropriate seasonings. The duration and degree of heating must be well managed. The fish is delicate and tender. Besides, eating it with Mingxing Dipping Water and yam rice, that must be an unforgettable food.

2.Jiangchuan Stewed Dish  (江川炖菜)

Jiangchuan stewed dish integrated the fresh, tender, fragrant and spicy characters of stewed dish and local traditional flavor. Stewed sour and hot chicken, stewed fish and stewed pig's feet are cooked with Jiangchuan local chicken, fresh fish, or pig's feet. The soup is cooked by pig's bones, mix with natural pickle vegetables, pickle pepper, and other natural seasonings, as well as Chinese medicines handed down from the ancestors. No herbs or spices are added. The taste of the dish is sour but not tasteless, hot but without dryness heat, fresh but without taste of raw meat. The soup is rich in fragrance and tastes refreshing.

3.Bao Shuang Cui (爆双脆)

Tripe, chicken and duck’s gizzard are the main materials of the dish. Cook it in hot oil and quickly fry them. The dish characterized by crisp, tender, pure and fragrant.

4.Flavored Stewed Salt Fish (腌鱼)

Flavored stewed salt fish is a traditional special delicacy in fishing villages beside Fuxian Lake and Xingyun Lake. It is cooked by fresh crucian, chub, or Kanglang Fish, mixed with salt water, prickly ash, star anise, paprika, and other seasonings. The taste is pure, fragrant, and delicious. The fish is savory and crisp, which is a delicacy of highest grade.

5.Potato Rice Cooked in Copper Pot (铜锅饭/洋芋饭)

Potato Rice is a popular staple food in Yunnan. The rice is tasty and delicious, and it will taste better with the pickles and wild vegetables.


Where to Eat in Chengjiang County

Do you think of Chengjiang make your mouth water? Then share your best restaurant tips with other foodie travelers. What kinds of cuisine is Chengjiang known for? What are the best established restaurants? What are the local delicacies? What are the local delicacies? Come here you will find the answers. The city’s restaurants borrow influences from all over the region, all of which border Yunnan Province to the south. Savory noodle and stir-fry dishes packed with chilies are mainstays of this diverse cuisine.

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