Chengjiang Shopping

Enjoying the unique and favorable environment, Chengjiang boasts a lot of specialties. If you travel around Chengjiang, the following specialties of Chengjiang can be the approving choices.


⇒What to Buy in Chengjiang County

1.Kanglang Fish (抗浪鱼)

Kanglang Fish is the special fish of Fuxian Lake, famous for its fine meat, soft thorn and delicious flavor. The third to ninth months of the year are the main season for fishing in Fuxian Lake. The cook method of Kanglang fish is unique. The fishermen like to put fresh Kanglang Fish in a copper pot with spring water. The fish is done when the temperature of the water rises. After ten to twenty minutes, it exhales a pleasant perfume. Then put various special seasonings to it. This dish tastes delicious and refreshing.

2.Fermented Bean Curd of Yangzong Town (阳宗卤腐 )

With the favorable natural environment, local people make fermented bean curd with traditional skills and high-quality bean. It is famous for its color of apricot yellow, mellow taste, neat shape. Fermented tofu is popular in Yunnan.


Chengjiang lotus root starch

3.Chengjiang Lotus Root Starch (澄江藕粉)

It has little impurity. The color is pure white. It contains little water, and more Vitamin C and phosphorus disaccharides. The lotus root starch in Chengjiang is famous because most of the lotuses here do not have seedpods at top. As a result, the lotus root is stronger and fatter. It is more juicy and tender. The starch, which collect most of the nutrition, is high in quality. The nature of Chengjiang lotus root starch is quite mild and has a good effect for curing stomach and intestine disease. It is not only a healthy and nutritious food, but also can act as assistant medicine. It is a good present for the patients.

4.Lotus Root of Chengjiang County (澄江藕)

Chengjiang has a long history of planting lotus root, with high reputation in middle of Yunnan. It is ideal food as heat-clearing and detoxifying and cooling blood and hemostasis.

5.Sesame Slices(芝麻片)

The main ingredients are superior white sesame, white sugar of high quality, glucose, refined oil and so on. It is made by special technique. The characters include bright color, transparent nature while towards the light, thin and even slices, crisp and delicious taste and so on.


⇒Where to Buy in Chengjiang County

You can find these specialties in those local markets in Chengjiang county. Usually, markets in towns and townships are opened three days a time, and markets in the county seat are opened everyday.

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