Haimen Park in Jiangchuan District, Yuxi

Why is Haimen Park So Special?

Haimen Park海门公园 is also called Jieyushi Stone Park界鱼石公园. It was named after Jieyushi park because there was a boundary fish stone(Jieyushi in Chinese). Since the Ming Dynasty, local officials and literati had written inscription and poems on the boundary fish stone(Jieyushi). There is also a Guanyin Temple beside Jieyushi, which was first built in 1877. After dredging the river course in 1987, Haimen tower海门楼, Haimen Bridge海门桥, Wangying Pavilion望瀛阁 and other buildings were built here, and the bridge corridor was set up as Haimen Park.

There are also a large number of Cultural landscapes and Stone Carvings related to Jieyushi Stone in the Park, which make Haimen park a multi-level, multi-scene scenic spot and attract more and more tourists from home and abroad.

About Jieyushi Stone

Hiamen Park in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi

Jieyushi Stone is located in Haimen Village of Jiangcheng Town, Jiangchuan District. Haimen is the outlet of Xingyun Lake, here there is a channel connecting Xingyun Lake and Fuxian Lake, which is called separated river隔河(Gehe in Chinese Pingyin). Gehe River is 2 kilometers long, and there is a craggy stone wall extending to the water surface in the river, which is called the boundary fish stone(Jieyushi). The Jieyushi belongs to carbonate gravel, and there are dissolution pores formed on the stone walls by dissolution in geological period. The Beian Mountian where the stone is located, is wooded. On the boundary fish stone(Jieyushi), engraving “界鱼石” three Chinese characters.

It is said that bullhead大头鱼 in Xingyun Lake and anti-wave fish(Kanglang Fish) in Fuxian Lake, which make the Jieyushi Stone as boundary. They will turn around when reaching to the stone.

Nearby Attractions

1. Biyun Mountain碧云山

Biyun Mountain, located behind the Mingxing village of Jiangcheng Town, has Fuxian Lake in front of it. On the right is the “Yingshange应山歌”, and on the left is the “Anti-wave Fish Cave抗浪鱼洞.” Biyun Temple is on Biyun Mountain, also known as “Wudang Yard武当别院”, is a branch of Hubei Wudang Mountain, built in the Qing Qianlong period.

2. Gushan Mountain孤山

Gushan Mountain, formerly named Yinghai Mountain瀛海山, is located in Jiangchuan part of Fuxian Lake, about 17 kilometers from Jiangchuan district. Before the Ming Dynasty, there was an island near Yinghai Mountain, and there was an iron bridge between the two islands. The late Ming dynasty, an earthquake made the island and Hongyin Bridge虹饮桥 sink, only Yinghai Mountain stands alone, so Gushan Mountain got its name. 

3. Mingxing Scenic Spot明星景区

Mingxing scenic spot is located in the West Bank of Fuxian Lake, the junction of Jiangchuan District and Chengjiang County, 12 kilometers away from Luchong禄充. On the west side of the highway from Chengjiang to Jiangchuan, there is a Biyun Mountain. On the third day of the third lunar month, it is the temple fair day of Biyun Temple. Most of Central Yunnan people will come here at that time.

Mingxing scenic spot includes Mingxing fish cave明星鱼洞 and Biyun mountain碧云山 two major scenic spots. Mingxing fish cave is located on the west bank of Fuxian lake, about 1 km from Mingxing village, Jiangchuan district, Yuxi city.

4. Xingyun Lake星云湖

Xingyun Lake is located in the north of Jiangchuan district, commonly known as Jiangchuan Sea江川海. It is separated from Fuxian Lake by a mountain and is connected to Fuxian Lake by a river. The lake is clear and dark green, transparency about 1.5 meters.  Xingyun Lake is also rich in Jiangchuan Bullhead and whitebait, which are famous nationwide.

5. Lijiashan Bronze Museum李家山青铜器博物馆

The museum has eight exhibition halls, among which the bronze exhibition hall displays 279 of the more than 2,000 cultural relics. They are classified into production, life, military, dance and decoration according to their functions and uses.

How to Get There

Tourists have two ways to get to Haimen Park, long-distance bus and train.

1. By Long-distance Bus

You can take midibus from Kunming East Bus Station to Jiangchuan District. It takes about 2 hours and a half to take the bus. After arriving at Jiangchuan District, you can take the regular bus to Mingxing明星 or Chengjiang澄江, and get off at Jieyushi Stone界鱼石. It’s about 19 kilometers.

2. By Train

If you want to take train, you should go to Yuxi station first, and then take the bus or taxi to Jiangchuan District. You will spend about 1 hour and 15 minutes on the train. The lowest ticket price  is CNY 16.5. Then you will arrive at Haimen Park after about 1 hour drive.

Accommodation at Haimen Park

You can stay in Jiangchuan District for overnight, or stay around the scenic spots like Fuxian Lake Scenic Spot and Gushan Scenic Spot.

1. Shengyang Fashion Hotel玉溪江川盛阳时尚酒店

Address: Jiangtong Road, Jiangchuan District, Yuxi玉溪市江川区江通路

Tel: 0877-8081999

Starting Price: 169 CNY

2. eStay Resort (Fuxian Lake Jiulong Shengjing)一呆公寓. 抚仙湖九龙晟景

Address: Jiulong Shengjing, West Bank of Fuxian Lake, Jiangcheng Town, Jiangchuan District, Yuxi玉溪江川区江城镇抚仙湖西岸九龙晟景

Tel: 18787733698

Starting Price: 199 CNY

3. Yuanchen Resort Hotel抚仙湖元尘度假酒店

Address: No.20, Xujia Village, Longjie Subdistrict, Chengjiang County, Yuxi玉溪市澄江县龙街街道许家村20号

Tel: 0877-6688708

Starting Price: 674 CNY

Hiamen Park in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi

Best Time to Visit

Enjoying a subtropical monsoon climate, tour is possible all the year round. You can go to Haimen park in every season, for the different seasons have unique scenery for people to choose.

Useful Travel Tips

1. Ultraviolet ray is strong in Yuxi during sunny days, when you travel at Haimen Park, remember to bring sunglasses, sun cream, sunhat or other sunscreen products.

2. Xingyun Lake and Fuxian Lake on the both sides of Haimen park are deep, therefore, if you are not good at swimming, please wear the life vest when you are doing some water sports.

3. Haimen Park is close to Xingyun Lake and Fuxian Lake, which are two beautiful lakes. There are many scenic spots near Fuxian lake.