Chengjiang Festivals and Events

Chengjiang is a popular tourist destination in Yunnan. It enjoys not only the charming landscape of Fuxian Lake, but also the diverse and unique culture. Chengjiang is also the only place where Nuoxi Opera can be seen. Join the featured festivals and activities of Chengjiang and you will find more.


Copper Pot Gourmet Festival of Fuxian Lake (抚仙湖铜锅美食文化旅游节)

Enjoying the diverse fishes, Chengjiang is an ideal place to taste different fishes. In the Luchong Scenic Area, thousands of people view the procedure of cooking fish in copper pot then taste together. Tourists can also enjoy other local dishes.

Nuoxi Opera Festival (傩戏文化节)

Nuo culture is a remarkable part of traditional culture of Chinese. Guansuo Opera is a rare ancient opera, with highly academic values. During this festival, actors will show the stories of Three Kingdom period and the history of Guansuo Opera.



Guansuo Opera (关索戏)

Known as the “Living Fossil of Chinese Opera”, it is a rare ancient opera which only can be seen in Xiaotun Village of Yangzong Town. Guansuo Opera can show the stories of the Three Kingdom period. It is a integration of facial make-up, costume and classic dancing. It is unique and worthy to feel.

Caoshizi Dance (草狮子舞)

It is the unique dance of Yi ethnic group in Shilong Village of HaIkou Town. It is not only the special performance, but also the way to pray for the favorable weather and good harvest.

Taiping Festival Lantern (太平花灯)

Taiping festival lantern derives from Songyuan of Haikou Town. It is the traditional performance of Yi people, as the ancient sacrifice activity. It is a way to seek the favorable weather, good harvest and peaceful life, so it is named as Taiping Lantern.



There are also many entertainment activities for you in Chengjiang.  You can check more about local entertainment.