Lincang Dining

In lincang, the local food has two characteristics, simple and distinctive. It represents the custom of Yunnan folk food. Travelers may taste different flavor in Lincang local food, like sour, sweet, bitter and spicy. Among them, most of the locals prefer spicy flavor. Here are some recommended food.

Bean Powder Rice Noodle(稀豆粉米线)

This special local snack of Lincang uses good quality rice noodle and pea powder as major material, seasoning with sesame, ginger, chili oil, garlic mash and sauce etc.

Chicken Mashed Rice(鸡肉烂饭)

This special rice food is a delicious Wa dish for welcoming distinguished guests. It is softer than ordinary rice and drier than porridge. The newly harvested rice is stewed in a pot together with tender black bone chicken, many seasonings and vegetables like fennel leaves, green pepper, hot chili, Ahwa cilantro, shallot, garlic and mint are added to the rice.

Chicken Rice Noodle(鸡肉米线)

Chicken rice noodle is the most characteristic local snack food of the Yun County(云县). The slim, white and elastic rice noodle is cooked with black bone chicken, hot pepper oil, coriander and ginger etc. This rice noodle is famous for its pleasant scent and wonderful taste. In Lincang, even yunnan, Rice Noodle Stores can be seen everywhere, so it is not difficult to enjoy a bowl of rice noodle.

Bamboo Banquet(竹宴席)

The bamboo banquet of Deang ethnic group(德昂族), such as Stewed Chicken with Sour Bamboo Shoots(酸笋煮鸡), Boiled Fish with Sour Bamboo Shoots(酸笋煮鱼) and other bamboo dishes are lighting a fire with bamboo, steaming rice with Bamboo steamer, fetching water with bamboo pipe, carrying rice with bamboo box, holding rice with bamboo spoon, eating with bamboo chopsticks and using bamboo table and stool, which form a distinctive Bamboo Banquet.

Preserved Ham Papaya Chicken(火腿木瓜煮鸡)

Flavor delicacy of Yun county, Lincang city, its main raw materials are preserved ham, papaya and wild Chicken. This is a medicinal food, it not only tastes good, but also has health keeping value.

In addition, wild chicken rice noodle(土鸡米线) in Yun county, beef Sapie of Dai ethnic group(傣味牛撒撇) and Haobeng in Gengma county(耿马毫崩) are famous in Lincang city.