Lincang Attractions

Lincang Attractions mainly introduce the beautiful attractions in Lincang and rank the attractions according to the popularity and classification, such as Wengding Wa Ethnic Village, Cangyuan Cliff Fresco, Lushi Old Town, etc. There are a lot of things to see and to do in Lincang. Lincang enjoys a mild climate and is blessed with a great variety of plants and animals, especially tea. Once you are stepping on the dreamland, you will visit the hometown of Dianhong Black Tea, Fengqing County. You will explore diverse ethnic minorities and their culture like Monihei Carnival of Wa ethnic Minority. You will enjoy the beautiful and spectacular scenery like Yongde Snow Mountain in Yongde county. Tea theme tours attracts a great number of tea lovers. For more details, please refer to the following.

Top Attractions in Lincang

When you step on the beautiful and tranquil land, travelers will see the picturesque landscape, unique natural scenic spots and the colorful ethnic culture, which are the most important elements of Lincang tour. When you come to Lincang, the top attractions in Lincang are must-visit.

Tea Plantations and Tea Factories in Lincang

With the wide spreading fame of Dianhong tea, Tea Mountains are becoming popular tourist destinations for visitors to Lincang. There are many tea mountains in Lincang. If you are fan of Dianhong Black Tea, you shouldn't miss the Lincang tours.

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Ancient Towns in Lincang

There are not many ancient towns in Lincang, the famous one is Lushi Old Town. As the most important town of the Ancient Tea Horse Caravan Road in the past, Lushi Ancient Town is situated in the northeast of Fengqing County, about 84 km from the county seat. Lushi Ancient Town is known for its long history and profound culture. The street was expanded a lot because of the contacting caravans. The local architectures were influenced by the traditional residences of Bai ethnic minority and Nanzhao Kingdom. Lushi Ancient Town is the important place for the discovery of Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road.

Best Places to Experience Religious Culture in Lincang

Religious culture seems like complex idea to study from the perspective of concepts. After all, scholars and philosophers have long debated the meaning of these terms and the impact they have had on our comprehension of the social world around us. For visitors, the temples, mosques are the best places to experience the religious culture.

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Parks in Lincang

The traditional function of the park is mainly to meet the leisure needs of urban residents, providing places for rest, excursions, exercise and hosting various collective cultural activities.

Lakes, Ponds and Rivers in Lincang

Ethnic Towns in Lincang

If you are interested in the ethnic culture, these ethnic towns are the be places to experience the rich ethnic culture atmosphere.

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Traditional Ethnic Villages in Lincang

If you are interested in Lincang for its ethnic culture, the traditional ethnic villages will be the best places to experience the colorful ethnic culture of Lincang. Traveling to the traditional ethnic villages, you can explore the most authentic ethnic traditions which can't be seen anywhere else.

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Historical & Cultural Sites in Lincang

Other Attractions in Lincang