Pineapple Rice in Yunnan

Boluo fan (Chinese: 菠萝饭; pinyin: bōluófàn) or pineapple rice is a method of preparing rice for consumption that is used by the Dai people, a Tai cultural group residing in southern China.

It is an authentic Dai ethnic dessert with glutinous rice prepared in pineapples. Tasting sweet and fragrant, the pineapple rice is a must-try when traveling in Dai-inhabited areas including Xishuangbanna and Dehong etc. As for Kunming, there are also many restaurants specialising in Dai ethnic cuisine.

Description of process

The rice (usually a mix of purple and white) is soaked overnight, then steamed for around an hour. A ripe pineapple is hollowed out by slicing the top off and removing the flesh or by cutting it lengthwise in two halves, the flesh is cut in small cubes.

The steamed glutinous rice then is mixed with the removed pineapple flesh, raisins, rock sugar, dash of salt, coconut milk and sliced almonds, filled back in the hollow pineapple, and steamed for another 20 minutes. Boluofan is a sweet staple, perfect as a side dish for hot and spicy Yunnan food and also goes well with Sichuan dishes.[citation needed]

Geographical extent

Similar techniques of preparation exist in other Tai-inhabited areas, i.e. Burma, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam.

Where to try?
In Dai ethic flavour restaurants in Kunming such as:
Duoge Shui Dai Restaurant
Add: Sima Alley (near the Golden and Jade Rooster Archways in the downtown)
Tel: 0871-6362 2227