Festivals and Events in September in Yunnan Province

Yunnan Festivals in September introduces ethnic festivals and activities celebrated in Yunnan in September, such as Kaimen (Opening Door ) Festival of Dai Ethnic Minority, Huijie Festival of Achang and events like Across The Bridge Noodle Festival in Mengzi, ect. You can join our Festival Tours to have a deep exploration of the ethnic festival and ethnic culture.

In September, as the rainy season in Yunnan begins to wind down, the province often hosts a variety of cultural festivals and events. Here are some of the festivals and events that may take place in Yunnan during September:

  1. The Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节): One of China’s most important traditional festivals, it is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month, which often falls in September. Families gather to admire the full moon and eat mooncakes. In Yunnan, different ethnic groups may have their unique ways of celebrating.

  2. The Benzhu Festival (本主节): Celebrated by the Bai people in Dali, this festival is dedicated to the local patron gods or Benzhu. Each village has its own patron god, and the festival dates can vary from village to village. Festivities often include traditional Bai music, dance performances, and religious rituals.

  3. The Kuoshi Festival (阔时节): Celebrated by the Lisu people, this festival is also known as the Knife Ladder Festival, where participants climb a ladder with blades as rungs as a test of courage and faith.

  4. The Water-Sprinkling Festival (泼水节): Although the main Water-Sprinkling Festival for the Dai people is celebrated in April, there might be smaller-scale celebrations or related events in September, especially in Xishuangbanna, where the Dai people predominantly live.

  5. The Shoton Festival (雪顿节): This is a traditional Tibetan festival that may be celebrated in the Tibetan regions of Yunnan. It starts with the unveiling of a giant thangka (a painted or embroidered Tibetan banner) and includes activities like opera performances and horse racing.

  6. The Zhaotong Rapeseed Flower Festival (昭通油菜花节): Depending on the flowering season, this festival in Zhaotong celebrates the blooming of rapeseed flowers with photography competitions and cultural performances.

  7. The Lijiang International Cultural Festival: If not held earlier in the year, this festival can also take place in September, showcasing the rich Naxi culture and international cultural exchanges.

  8. Harvest Festivals: Various ethnic groups may celebrate their harvest festivals during this time, as September is a time for harvesting crops in many parts of Yunnan.

Remember that festival dates can vary from year to year as some are based on the lunar calendar or local customs. It is advisable to check with local tourism information centers or official event calendars for the latest details on festival dates and activities.