Festivals and Events in August in Yunnan Province

Yunnan Festivals in August introduces ethnic festivals and activities celebrated in Yunnan in August, such as Axi Tiaoyue Dance Festival of Axi Ethnic People and events like Wild Mushroom Festival and Swallow Nest Festival, ect. You can join our 1 Day Kunming Mushroom Tour to taste various delicious wild mushroom dishes.

August in Yunnan is a vibrant month with many ethnic groups celebrating their traditional festivals. Here are some of the festivals and events that you might encounter in Yunnan during August:

  1. The Torch Festival (火把节): While the Torch Festival is typically celebrated around the 24th day of the sixth lunar month, if the lunar calendar aligns, it might occur in early August. The festival involves various activities such as torch parades, singing, dancing, and traditional sports.

  2. The Yi People’s Axi Fire Festival (阿细跳火节): Similar to the Torch Festival, if the lunar calendar dates fall in such a way, the Axi Fire Festival might be celebrated in early August, with its fire-jumping ceremonies.

  3. The Nadam Fair (那达慕大会): Although traditionally a Mongolian festival, the Nadam Fair can also be celebrated by the Mongolian ethnic communities in Yunnan, featuring horse racing, wrestling, and archery.

  4. The Harvest Festival (丰收节): Many of Yunnan’s ethnic minorities celebrate the harvest with festivals in August, thanking the gods for the bounty and celebrating with food, dance, and music.

  5. The Seven Sisters’ Festival (七姐诞): Celebrated by some of the ethnic minorities in Yunnan, this festival is similar to the Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day), which usually falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, potentially in August. It involves romantic traditions and customs.

  6. The Ghost Festival (中元节): Also known as the Hungry Ghost Festival, it falls on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month, which might be in August. It is a Taoist and Buddhist festival where offerings are made to appease the spirits of ancestors.

  7. The Lugu Lake Goddess Festival (泸沽湖女神山节): Celebrated by the Mosuo people living around Lugu Lake, this festival honors the mountain goddess Gemu with singing, dancing, and ritual ceremonies.

  8. The Dali International Photography Exhibition (大理国际影会): If you’re into photography, this event in Dali is a must-see, showcasing work from photographers around the world.

  9. The Kunming International Cultural Tourism Festival: This event may also be held during the summer months, promoting tourism and cultural exchange in the provincial capital.

As always, the dates of these events can change based on the lunar calendar and local decisions. It is recommended to check with local tourism boards or event organizers for the most current information regarding festival dates and the specific activities planned.