Tips for Ethnic Minority Festivals

Yunnan is the province with the largest population of minorities with 25 of them having more than 5000 members,among them 16 are indigenous. Yunnan ethnic festivals are always fulled with beautiful legends and featured activities to celebrate. In every month, there are festivals held in different areas by different minorities. 

Top Ethnic Festivals in Yunnan

Holiday Name Date Celebrated by
March Street (Sanyuejie) Festival of Bai the third day of the third lunar month in Chinese calendar Bai
Munaozongge Festival 15th-19th day of first lunar month Jingpo
New Rice Festival 2nd day of the 2nd lunar month Hani, Wa
Water-Splashing Festival April 13–15 Dai
Sanduo Festival of Naxi Mar. 14, 2019 Naxi
Torch Festival 24th to 27th of the sixth lunar month Yi, Bai, Naxi, etc.
Shoton Festival the last day of the sixth month in Tibetan Calendar  Tibetan
Mizhi Festival of Yi the 11th lunar month Yi
Tibetan New Year 1st day of Tibetan year Tibetan
Knife-Pole Festival 2nd day of the second lunar month Lisu

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Ethnic Festivals by Month

How to Plan Minority Festival Tour in Yunnan

1. To Know the Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan

China is a large country with 55 ethnic minorities. Yunnan has the largest number of ethnic population in China with 25 ethnic minorities including Bai, Yi, Dai, Naxi, Hani, Miao, Tibetan, Hui and Yao. Each ethnic minority has its unique and colorful customs. 

By the end of 2015, the population of ethnic minorities in the province had reached 15.833 million, accounting for 33.4 percent of the total population of the province.

2. To Know the Distribution of Minorities in Yunnan

The interlaced distribution of ethnic minorities in Yunnan shows that they live in large mixed communities and small communities. The Yi and Hui nationalities are distributed in most counties of Yunnan Province.

Ethnic Monority Distribution
Chuxiong, Honghe, Yuxi, Dali, Puer, Kunming
Honghe, Xishuangbanna, Puer, Yuxi
Xishuangbanna, Dehong, Puer, Lincang
Wenshan, Honghe, Qujing
Wenshan, Honghe, Zhaotong
Kunming, Dali, Qujing, Chuxiong, Honghe, Yuxi
Nujiang, Diqing, Lijiang, Dali
Puer, Lincang, Xishuangbann
Lincang, Puer
Lijiang, Diqing
Honghe, Wenshan
Xishuangbanna, Puer, Lincang
Lubuge Township and Changdi Township in Luoping County(Qujing) ; Gugan Township in Fuyuan County(Qujing); Qiaotou Township in Hekou(Honghe)
Dehong, Baoshan
Lijiang, Nujiang, Diqing
Xingmeng Mongolian Autonomous Township(Yuxi)
Santaishan Township in Mangshi(Dehong); Junsai Township in Zhenkang County(Lincang)
Fuyuan County(Qujing)
Tonghai County(Yuxi)
Gongshan County in Nujiang

3. To Know the Festivals of each Minorities in Yunnan

Ethnic Minority Festivals
Yi Torch Festival, Farm Cattle Festival, Saizhuang (Costume Competition) Festival, Mizhi Festival
 Bai March Street, Raosanling Festival, Shibaoshan Folk Song Festival 
 Hani AngMaTu Festival,  Gatangpa Festival, Kuzhazha Festival, Kaiyangmen Festival, Long Street Banquet
 Dai Water-Splashing Festival,  Opening Door Festival, Songlong (Dragon Worship) Festival, Guanmen (Closing Door) Festival
 Zhuang Colored Rice Festival, New Rice (Changxin) Festival, Sanyuesan Festival, Xiaonian Festival 
 Miao Huashan Festival 
 Hui Eid al-Fitr Festival, Eid al-Adha Festival, Mawlid Festival 
 Lisu Kuoshi Festival, Pinhuo Festival, Knife-ladder-climbing Festival 
 Lahu Kuzha Festival, Calabash Festival 
 Wa  Pulling Wooden Drum Festival
 Naxi Torch Festival, Eryueba (February 8th) Festival, Bangbanghui Festival, Sanduo Festival
Yao   Panwang Festival, Danu Festival
 Jingpo  New Rice Festival, Girls Festival, Munaozongge Festival
Tibetan  Tibetan New Year, Shoton Festival 
 Bulang  Bumper Harvest Festival, 
 Bouyei Sangkang Festival, Hounan Festival 
 Achang Ancestor Worship Festival, Huanhuangdan Festival, Shaobaichai Festival 
Pumi   New Year Festival (Wuxijie), Changxin Festival
 Mongolia Luban Festival 
Nu   New Year Festival, Flower Festival
Jinuo   Haoxizao Festival, Temaoke Festival
Deang   Shaobaichai (Firewood) Festival, Zuobai Festival
 Mancu  Banjin Festival
Drung Kaquewa Festival 

4. To Make Sure the Date of the Minority Festivals

There are public holidays celebrate by certain ethnic minorities in certain regions, which are decided by local governments. It is estimated that more than 1,200 of the 1,700 Chinese festivals belong to ethnic minorities. So if you want to enjoy the minority festival tour in Yunnan, get to know the exact date of the festivals you want to appreciate. 

5. To Find a Reliable Travel Agency and Plan the Itinerary

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6. To Prepare for Your Packing List

Spring(March – May)

Umbrellas and sunscreen are needed to prevent the strong ultraviolet rays. Also remember to bring a thick coat, because it was still very cold at night. 

Summer(June – August)

When traveling to Yunnan in summer, remember to bring an umbrella, because summer is the rainy season, and you should pay attention to sun protection when going out. The ultraviolet rays here are very strong.

Autumn(September – November)

The temperature difference in the autumn is large, it is a bit cold in the morning and evening. When traveling to Yunnan in autumn, remember to bring a jacket and sweater. Umbrellas and sunscreen are needed to prevent the strong ultraviolet rays. 

Winter(December – February)

Winter is dry and there is no heating, so visitors who are afraid of cold should remember to bring down jackets to keep warm. Don’t forget to bring moisturizer, otherwise the skin will be chapped.

7. Yunnan Minority Festival Tour

A visit to Yunnan offers an unique and exciting experience of ethnic customs with more than 400 ethnic minorities festivals celebrated throughout the year. Yunnan Exploration offer various minority festival tours for your reference, or customize one for you.