Yunnan Travel in October

With pleasant weather, clear blue sky and moderate breeze, Yunnan Travel in October will give early autumn scenery. However, the National Day holiday, which lasts from October 1st to 7th, is the most crowded time in Yunnan. If you are going to visit the province during this period, you need to book your tour as early as possible. Your guide will do his/her best to ensure that you have a smooth journey, but you will still need to have some patience while queueing.

Yunnan Travel Weather and Climate in October

When you travel to Yunnan in October,  the rainfall decreases considerably and the climate is drier with more sunshine. After October, the weather turns cold and the temperature changes significantly in one day. Autumn is one of the peak seasons for Yunnan travel, not only for the weather is becoming cool, but also to appreciate the golden nature. 

Yunnan Temperature in October 

Generally speaking, Yunnan enjoys a mild climate with pleasant weather but, due to its varied terrain, the weather is also diverse in different regions. In October, The average temperature ranges from 12 °C (54 °F) to 20 °C (68 °F) in Kunming, and from  20°C (68°F) to 9°C (48°F) in Lijiang, and from  17.8°C (64°F) to 28.9°C (84°F) in Xishuangbanna, and from  12°C (54°F) to 21°C (70°F) in Dali.

What to Wear for Yunnan Travel in October

The average temperature in daytime is around 20 ˚C so you can wear some casual clothing is suitable. Remember to take thicker sweaters and jackets. Also take protective skin care products, sunglasses, or a cap to shield your head from the sun.

Yunnan Weather and Climate by Month

Things to Do for Yunnan Travel in October

You can enjoy more sunny days in autumn. It is another golden period for traveling in Yunnan. In Lijiang’s countryside, you have the chance to see a great view of the harvest. Autumn is also the best time for admiring the colorful scenery in Shangri-La and for hiking in Tiger Leaping Gorge.

  • Lugu Lake: Autumn (September to November) is the best time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lugu Lake. At this time, the beautiful Galsang flowers are blossoming over the bank of the lake, the grass sea is rolling with golden reed waves, and the golden autumn leaves are dotted in the mountains, picturing a beautiful autumn landscape.
  • Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking: With favourable weather and road condition, Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking Tours are recommended if you travel to Yunnan in autumn. You can enjoy the colorful autumn scenery along the thiking trip.
  • Gingko Village: Autumn is the best time of the year to visit Jiangdong Gingko Village in Tengchong. Nestling among mountains and cottages, these gingko trees have made the village more quaint and profound. During October and December, the ubiquitous golden gingko leaves turn Jiangdong Village into a fairyland. You can have a visual feast of real Golden Autumn. 
  • Ethnic Festival: The Calabash Festival of Lahu ethnic group is the grandest festival in Lancang’s Lahu nationality. On that day, every village will held carnival for singing and dancing, men playing the calabash sompoton to lead the dance, men and women taking up “Gak” dance, women beating the elephant-foot drum and taking up waggle dance, men and women singing folk songs for battle, and also there are sports and games performance like swinging, water bearing, whipping top and crossbow shooting.

Places to Visit for Yunnan Travel in October

Yunnan Festivals and Events by Month

Travel Tips for Yunnan Travel in October

  • The sunshine in Yunnan is too strong during the day that you’d better take your sunscreen and sunglasses. 
  • You should drink more water, eat more fruit, and prevent dehydration.
  • Yunnan is a province with more minority nationalities. Please respect the living habits and customs of the minority nationalities.
  • Get ready for your Visa, and do remember your passport.
  • Prepare for your SIM card to make sure the internet use in China.
  • Take some medicine with you for emergency use, especially if you are easy to get altitude sickness.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and hats for the strong ultraviolet ray on the plateau.
  • Don’t forget your umbrella and rain gear during the rainy seasons.
  • Pack suitable clothes, windproof jacket and thick coat are suggested, outdoor clothing will be good.
  • The National Day holiday, which lasts from October 1st to 7th, is the most crowded time in Yunnan. If you are going to visit the province during this period, you need to book your tour as early as possible.