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Getting ill is one of the things to watch out for when traveling, as it can spoil your experience, or even have long-term effects if more serious. The main risks to your health are ordinary things like eating something you shouldn’t, inadequate clothing for the conditions, over exertion, and exposure to infection. Infection through inadequate hygiene, and not keeping warm/cool enough, well rested, and well hydrated are the common problems.

Medical Treatment in Yunnan

In 2018, Yunnan had 24,958 medical and health institutions, including 1,280 hospitals. Medical and health institutions had 291,200 beds and 302,000 health technicians, including 99,700 practicing (assistant) doctors. There were 153 centers for disease control and prevention with 7,100 health technicians; 29 specialized disease prevention and treatment hospitals with 781 health technicians; 146 maternal and child health care hospitals with 13019 health technicians. 1,362 township health center ahd 53,160 beds and 44,466 health workers. In the whole year, the province reported 0 cases of A class infectious diseases, 94,700 cases of B class infectious diseases and 2,351 deaths. The incidence of class A and B infectious diseases was 197.37/100,000, and the death rate was 4.90/100,000.

Some Hospitals in Yunnan

  • The First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province (云南省第一人民医院)
    Address: No.157, Jinbi Road, Xishan District, Kunming City昆明市西山区金碧路157号
    Tel: 0871-63639921/0871-63638048
  • Yunnan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine(云南省中医医院)
    Address: No.120, Guanghua Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City昆明市五华区光华街120号
    Tel: 0871-63620626/0871-63635714
  • Richland International Hospital Kunming(昆明瑞奇德医院)
    Address: Shangdu International Building, Extension line of Beijing Road, Panlong District, Kunming City昆明市盘龙区北京路延长线尚都国际大厦
    Tel: 0871-65741988
  • No. 1 People’s Hospital of Dali City(大理市第一人民医院)
    Add: No. 36 Taian Road, Dali City, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture大理白族自治州大理市泰安路36号
    Tel: 0872-2124462
  • No. 1 Affiliated Hospital of Dali University(大理大学第一附属医院)
    Add: No. 32 Carlsberg Avenue, Dali City, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture大理白族自治州大理市嘉士伯大道32号
    Tel: 0872-2201120/0872-2201168
  • Lijiang People’s Hospital(丽江市人民医院)
    Add: No. 526 Fuhui Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province云南省丽江市古城区福慧路526号
    Tel: 0888-5122817
  • People’s Hospital of Gucheng District(古城区人民医院)
    Add: No. 50 Fuhui Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang City丽江市古城区福慧路50号
    Tel: 0888-5353866
  • People’s Hospital of Shangri-la(香格里拉人民医院)
    Address: No.19, Chicika Street, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇池慈卡街19号
    Tel: 0887-8222022/0887-8222454
  • Tibetan Medicine Hospital of Diqing Prefecture(迪庆州藏医院)
    Address: Kangzhu Avenue, Jiantang Town, Shangri-la, Diqing迪庆州香格里拉市建塘镇康珠大道
    Tel: 0887-8223974

Altitude Sickness in Yunnan

An altitude over 3,000 meters (9,843 feet) is usually defined as high altitude. Usually, travellers won’t suffer altitude sickness In most places of Yunnan province. But in Shangri-la and some snow mountains like Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain, tourists may suffer from altitude sickness. You can prepare some medicines before you go these places. Besides, oxygen bottles are sold in these places. 

Altitude Sickness in Shangri-la

Shangri-la is more than 3,300 meters above sea level. Some people may have a little altitude sickness, but it’s usually not serious. If you want to go to the mountain pass, which is more than 4000 meters above sea level, it is better to take more preventive measures. Before going to the plateau, you can take some medicines to alleviate the altitude reaction, such as rhodiola rosea, American ginseng tablet and so on.

Altitude Sickness Preventing

During the travel, do not overeat, drink or smoke. It is recommended to eat more vitamin-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits to prevent altitude sickness. Drink adequate amount of water, pay attention to keep warm, less showers to avoid cold and physical exertion. Once you have altitude sickness, don’t take in oxygen at the very beginning, but try to adapt to it by yourself. Because oxygen uptake has a strong dependence, you may not be able to leave the oxygen bottle any more.

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