Sports Festivals

This category is for sports festivals, encapsulating sporting events that are either explicitly called festivals or have strong elements of cultural festivals. When applicable, all topics should be moved to appropriate subcategories by type and locale.

1. Yunnan International Marathon

  • Location: Kunming
  • Date: December (dates vary annually)
  • Details: A prestigious marathon attracting runners globally, highlighting Kunming’s scenic landscapes and mild climate.

2. Lijiang Snow Mountain Music Festival and Marathon

  • Location: Lijiang
  • Date: April
  • Details: Combines music with a marathon route showcasing Jade Dragon Snow Mountain’s stunning views.

3. Dali Erhai Lake Cycling Festival

  • Location: Dali
  • Date: October
  • Details: Features cycling challenges around Erhai Lake with breathtaking views of water and mountains.

4. Xishuangbanna International Elephant Foot Race

  • Location: Xishuangbanna
  • Date: January
  • Details: Unique race alongside elephants, promoting local culture and environmental conservation.

5. Shangri-La Highland Trail Race

  • Location: Shangri-La
  • Date: June
  • Details: Trail running amidst high-altitude terrains, highlighting Tibetan villages and pristine landscapes.

6. Puzhehei Wetland Park Dragon Boat Festival

  • Location: Puzhehei, Qiubei County
  • Date: June (during Dragon Boat Festival)
  • Details: Traditional dragon boat races on scenic lakes, with cultural performances and local food stalls.

7. Kunming International Extreme Sports Open

  • Location: Kunming
  • Date: November
  • Details: Showcases extreme sports like rock climbing, skateboarding, and BMX, attracting global athletes.

8. Honghe Hani Rice Terraces Marathon

  • Location: Honghe Prefecture
  • Date: March
  • Details: Marathon through UNESCO-listed Hani Rice Terraces, celebrating cultural heritage and sustainable tourism.

9. Fuxian Lake International Triathlon

  • Location: Fuxian Lake, Yuxi
  • Date: August
  • Details: Triathlon featuring swimming, cycling, and running around scenic Fuxian Lake, promoting sport and natural beauty.

These events highlight Yunnan’s diverse landscapes and cultural richness, offering participants memorable experiences amidst stunning natural backdrops.