Festivals and Events in November in Yunnan Province

Yunnan Festivals in November introduces ethnic festivals and activities celebrated in Yunnan in November, such as  Panwang Festival of Miao ethnic group, New Year Festival of Yi and events like Opening of the Fishing Season in Dali, ect. You can join our Festival Tours to have a deep exploration of the ethnic festival and ethnic culture.

November in Yunnan is characterized by cooler and drier weather, and although it’s not as packed with festivals as some other months, there are still a number of cultural events and festivals that may be of interest:

  1. Lhabab Duchen (佛陀成道日): This is an important festival in Tibetan Buddhism, celebrating the Buddha’s descent from heaven back to earth. It usually occurs in the ninth Tibetan month, which can sometimes correspond with November in the Gregorian calendar. In Yunnan, areas with Tibetan populations, such as Shangri-La, may observe this day with religious activities and festivities.

  2. Jinchi Festival (金池节): The Jinchi Festival is celebrated by the Bai ethnic minority, particularly in the Dali area. It’s a time when locals pay homage to the gods of the lakes and rivers to ensure a good harvest and to pray for peace and prosperity. This festival includes dragon boat races and other cultural performances.

  3. The Yi New Year: The Yi people celebrate their new year, which is also known as Kuarjie. The date of this festival is determined by the Yi calendar and may fall in November. It is marked by traditional activities such as bullfighting, horse racing, and dancing.

  4. The Naxi Torch Festival: Although the Torch Festival is primarily celebrated in the sixth lunar month, the Naxi people in the Lijiang area have their own version of this festival which sometimes takes place in late autumn.

  5. Kunming International Tourism Festival: While the exact dates can vary, Kunming has been known to host a tourism festival in the fall, which might take place in November. This event aims to promote tourism in Yunnan with cultural performances, exhibitions, and other activities.

  6. Hot Spring Festivals: With the onset of cooler weather, hot spring resorts in areas like Tengchong and Anning might host festivals or special events to attract visitors.

  7. Mushroom and Truffle Festivals: Yunnan is famous for its wide variety of mushrooms and truffles. Some areas might have festivals celebrating the harvest of these delicacies in late autumn.

  8. Dali International Photography Exhibition: If not held earlier in the year, this exhibition can sometimes be held in November, showcasing works from photographers worldwide.

As always, it’s recommended to check with local tourism boards or event organizers for the most current information regarding festival dates and the specific activities planned, as these can change from year to year.