West Grand Canyon Hot Spring in Shuifu County, Zhaotong

Why is West Grand Canyon Hot Spring So Special?

Because of its sheer precipices and large-scale vegetation, the canyon attracting visitors with its alpine features is deemed a “Bright Pearl” in Yunnan, Sichuan and even Southwest China. The West Canyon has developed various hot springs of all sizes boasting more than 30 kinds of hot-spring styles such as medicinal herbals, milk, coffee, petals and vinegar etc. Integrating SPA, Water Stage and Wetland Park, the canyon was approved in March 2011 as a state 4A-level scenic spot by China National Tourism Administration.

Where is West Grand Canyon Hot Spring – Location

Geographically located on the riverbanks of the Jinsha River (the Yangtze River), only an hour’s drive from Yibin of Sichuan. It is 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from Shuifu County of Yunan Province and about 32 kilometers (20 miles) from Yibin city of Sichuan Province. 

How is the West Grand Canyon formed?

As the Jinsha river flows through the Shuifu(水富) to Xiangjiaba(向家坝), it runs rapidly and forms a Jinsha Valley with green mountains, narrow gorge and steep water due to the high mountains nearby over 500 meters above sea level.


Western Grand Canyon is still a new area that has been followed for the original ethnic customs and characteristics. There is a strong Didang ethnic customs and national music. Since 10% of the natural scenery, unique ethnic flavor – a hot spring pool display its unique charm. Here bathing is a unique ultimate enjoyment. Looking to the rolling peaks, immersed yourself in the Peak Sophie if Qingmiao clouds, let your body soaked in the warm springs, exceptionally easy bathed in Niaoniao the mist rising and moving in, listen to the “Under the Moonlight Fengweizhu the” strong national flavor to your feelings Unique exotic.

History and Culture

West Grand Canyon Hot Spring in Shuifu County, Zhaotong

In 1999, a company of Yibin invested a huge sum of money to build the grand canyon into a comprehensive tourist attraction integrating leisure, vacation, entertainment and conference with the characteristics of Yunnan ethnic customs in three years. This is the western grand canyon hot spring.

In 2006, the western grand canyon spring was forced to move as Xiangjiaba Power Station began to constrct. In order to save the Asia’s largest open-air hot spring between the gorge, the original developers spent another RMB 550 million to move the hot spring to the riverbank on top of the mountain, pumping the high quality spring water to the top and making a new hot spring scenic spot, which is what we see today.

How to Get There?

Tourists can arrive at Zhaotong city first and then take the bus or taxi to West Grand Canyon.

By Air: Take the flight to Zhaotong and then transfer to Shuifu County. 

By Train: Take train No.K1139 in Yibin city and get off at Shuifu station. 

By Long-distance Bus: Take long-distance bus from Kunming, Yibin, etc.

By Ship: Zhaotong has a passenger port in Shuifu County, operating ships directly to Chongqing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

Best Time to Go

West Grand Canyon Hot Spring in Shuifu County, Zhaotong

It’s suitable to take the bath all-year-round and winter is a especially good time to enjoy a hot spring bath.

Accommodate at West Grand Canyon Hot Spring

Tourists can stay inside the scenic spot for overnight. Around the scenic spot, there are also various hotels for you to choose.

Useful Travel Tips

► Not to drink the water;
► Anyone with a heart disease, high blood pressure or physical discomfort, not bathing, unless allowed by the doctors;
► Choose your own high, medium and low temperature hot springs pools, generally from low temperature to high temperature, each 15 – 20 minutes;
► No fasting when bathing. Drink plenty of water. 
► Take off all your metal ornaments when take the bath.