Tongluoba National Forest Park in Shuifu County, Zhaotong

Why is Tongluoba National Forest So Special?

With a total area of 50 square kilometers. Tongluoba is regarded as a heavenly place because of its unique topography, pleasant climate and an unparalleled scene of natural beauty. Tongluoba boasts abundant natural resources of animals and plants, verdant and lush forests, stretches of serene lakes, exceptional variety of landscape in four seasons, majestic geographic sceneries and traditional culture with affluent contents, which makes Tongluoba mysterious and attractive.

Where is Tongluoba National Forest – Location

Tongluoba National Forest Parklocated in Taiping town of Shuifu County of Zhaotong City, is the well-preserved subtropical evergreen broad-leaf forest area in the northeast of Yunnan Province.  It’s about 70 kilometers away from Shuifu city.

History and Culture

In May, 1992, Tongluoba forest park was approved as Provincial Forest Park by Yunnan provincial Forestry Department.

In May, 1999, the park was approved as National Forest Park by the national Forestry Department.


In the park, lofty trees tower into the clouds, bright mountain flowers are in full bloom, a murmuring brook runs through the valley, spectacular waterfall splash over the rock, huge cliffs stand there without compare. Besides, the origin of Tongluoba, the legend of the ancient temple and the specialized folk customs around the park are all unique cultural landscape.

How to Get there?

There are special tourist line to Tongluoba forest park at Zhaotong Long-distance Station. Tourist can also rent a car to.

What to See

In this park, there are 5 streams, 7 lakes, 18 small basins, 108 mountains and dozens of waterfalls. It has more than 100 ornamental trees and rare plants, such as golden monkeys, Chinese leopards, pythons and the other 11 first class national protected animals. Besides, there are also rare and precious trees that are under first class national protection, such as Chinese dove trees and metasequoia.

Best Time to Visit

It’s suitable to travel here all-year-round. Refreshed by the cool breeze of autumn, Tongluoba becomes quiet and serene in autumn. Bright red maple leaves all over the mountains, glow red in the sunlight, which is the most charming autumn scenery in the park. A clear and boundless sky, the flowing river, a gently curving stream and the sunshine dancing on blue lakes will all gladden the heart and please the eyes. The water of Tongluoba is so clear that you can even see pebbles, weeds and tiny aquatic animals at the bottom of the lake. At the time of bitter winter, Tongluoba is a marvelous place for people to enjoy the sight of snow. It will bring people to the world of fairyland, a snow-white and crystal clear world.

Useful Travel Tips

► Prevention of insect bites. If you accidentally get bitten by an insect, immediately wipe some medicine, to avoid causing the strip red spot and various skin diseases.

► Do not touch the heads or headgear of children, monks and maidens.

► Don’t give decorations to young girls.