Dehong Education

Dehong Education features local ethnic traditional education besides the normal nine-year compulsory education, therefore, it is highly recommended to do Dehong education tours with local schools during Yunnan Travel. This part introduces some information about the Kindergarten, primary schools, middle schools and colleges in Dehong of Yunnan Province. It helps you to design students education tours with local schools in Dehong. Here below are the details.

Students Numbers in 2018

  Recruit Student Internal Student Graduates
College Eductaion 5727 14127 4323
Technical Secondary School 3386 9110 2336
Ordinary Secondary School 23097 69023 21700
Primary Education 19940 108738 16645
Kindergarten 22057 43395 20139

Colleges in Dehong

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Dehong Vocational College 德宏职业学院 No. 11, Yingshui Road, Mangshi City (芒市营水路11号) 0692-2999725, 2280311 
Dehong Normal College 德宏师范高等专科学校 No. 14, Xianchi Road, Mangshi City (芒市仙池路14号) 0692-3028427

Top Middle and High Schools in Dehong

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Ruili No. 1 Middle School 德宏瑞丽市第一民族中学  No. 4, Mengmao Road, Ruili City (瑞丽市勐卯路4号) 0692-4141278
Luxi Chengjiao Middle School 德宏潞西市城郊中学  Dawan Village Committee, Mangshi ( 芒市镇大湾村民委员会) 0692-2118023
Fengping Middle School 德宏潞西市风平中学  Fengping Village Committee, Mangshi                                              (芒市风平镇风平村民委员会 ) 0692-2933303
Nongdao Nationality Middle School 德宏瑞丽市弄岛民族中学  Nongdao Town of Ruili City          (瑞丽市弄岛镇) 0692-6955026
Dachang Middle School 德宏梁河县大厂中学  Dachang Middle School in Lianghe County (梁河县大厂中学) 0692-6955026

Top Elementary Schools in Dehong

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Mangshi No. 1 Primary School  芒市第一小学 No. 10, Zhe'an Road (遮安路10号) (0692)2121805
Mangshi Nationality School  芒市民族小学 No.5, Kuoshi Road (阔时路5号) (0692) 2121806
Mangshi No. 3Primary School  芒市第三小学 No. 22, Banse Road (斑色路22号) 18908821519
Mangshi No. 4 Primary School  芒市第四小学 No. 5, Fengqing Street, Mangshi (芒市风情街5号) (0692) 2121808
Mangshi Primary School for Overseas Chinese 芒市华侨小学 No. 59, Nanbeng Road, Mangshi (芒市南蚌路59号) /

Top Kindergartens in Dehong

English Name Chinese Name Address Telephone
Ruili Aixin Kindergarten 瑞丽市爱心幼儿园  No. 93, Nanmao Street   (南卯街93号) 0692-4149796
Lizheng Bilingual Art Kindergarten 理正双语艺术幼儿园  No. 160, Nanmao Street (南卯街160号) /
Ruili City Kindergarten 瑞丽市幼儿园  No. 27, Biancheng Street, Mengao Town (勐卯镇边城街27号) 0692-4115822
Dehong Prefectural Kindergarten 德宏州幼儿园  No. 91, Xincun 1st Lane                 (新村一巷91号) 0692-8884055
Ruili No. 2 Kindergarten 瑞丽市第二幼儿园  150 meters Southern of Nanmao Street (南卯街南150米) /

Students Educational Tours in Dehong

Dehong Educational Tours are characterized in local ethnic culture, such as Dai ethnic culture and Jingpo ethnic culture. Students traveling to Dehong for Educational Tours will have the chance to learn Dai and Jingpo language and dances, taste local food as well as exploring the border culture in Dehong.