Dehong Climate

Dehong weather and climate is also endowed with unique climate resources. This page will give the detailed information about the four seasons of Dehong, as well as what to wear during the Dehong travel.

Dehong Climate & Weather

Dehong Prefecture is close to the Tropic of Cancer, located at a low latitude and affected by the southwest monsoon of the Indian Ocean, which belongs to the south subtropical monsoon climate. In summer, warm and humid air from the Indian Ocean rises along the windward slope of the southwest sloping mountain, forming abundant natural precipitation. In addition, the low latitude plateau region has a large incidence angle of the sun and good air transparency, making it one of the high-quality illumination areas in the country.

Dehong Weather and Climate by Month

Four Seasons & What to Pack

Dehong Prefecture is located in a low-latitude plateau and enjoys subtropical humid monsoon climate without winter chills and intense summer heat. It has clear dry and humid seasons, with plenty of rainfall. Its annual average temperature is around 18-20 DC (64.4-68¨H). Temperatures vary greatly during the day and night, and it can reach 25 DC (77¨H) in daytime during winter. 

What to Pack

Dehong Prefecture is located in the lower reaches of Nujiang River in western Yunnan. It has a typical sub-tropical rain forest climate with humid climate and sufficient light. The annual average temperature is 14.8℃-20℃, the highest is 38℃, the lowest is 2℃, the annual temperature difference is small, and the four seasons are warm, enjoying a spring-like climate. Dehong has abundant rainfall, with hot weather at the same time. Precipitation is mostly concentrated in June to September. When traveling to Dehong, you should prepare necessary sunblock and rain gear.

  • Dry season (October-May): The weather is warm, T-shirts and shorts are necessary. It is cool in Januarary, so if you travel to Dehong in Jan, you should also prepare long sleeves, coat and trousers. In addition, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and sunshade cap are also recommended.
  • Rainy Season (June-September): The weather is hot and humid, and you will feel sweaty, T-shirts and breathable clotehs are recommended . Umbrella, mosquito repellent, sunscreen are essential.

The Best Time to Visit Dehong

The best time to visit Dehong is from September to May next year. September to May next year is the best time to travel to Dehong. You can not only avoid the hot and humid rainy season in Dehong, but also stay away from the cold and long winter in the north. You can enjoy the colorful customs of southwest ethnic minorities in the subtropical beautiful scenery in spring-like seasons.

Travel Tips for Visiting Dehong

Try to avoid the peak holidays such as Chinese Spring Festival (usually in late Jan or early Feb.), International Labor Day (May 01 to 03) and National Day (Oct 01-07). Spring Festival and the National Day golden week are the most crowded time for travelling.

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