Dehong Travel Tips

Dehong travel tips will be helpful to plan your trip to Dehong. For a better travel experience, it's necessary to read the information below. Dehong travel tips will also be helpful to your Yunnan Travel.

Useful Numbers

Zip Code 678400
Dailing Code 0692
Fire 119
Police 110
Ambulance 120
Weather Forecast 121
Traffic Accidents 122
Tourist Complaints 0692-2121528
Dehong Tourism Bureau 0692-2109505
Dehong Public Security Bureau 0692-2114239

The Best Time to Visit Dehong

The best time to visit Dehong is from September to May next year. September to May next year is the best time to travel to Dehong. You can not only avoid the hot and humid rainy season in Dehong, but also stay away from the cold and long winter in the north. You can enjoy the colorful customs of southwest ethnic minorities in the subtropical beautiful scenery in spring-like seasons.

Dehong Dressing Tips

The annual average temperature is 14.8℃-20℃, the highest is 38℃, the lowest is 2℃, the annual temperature difference is small, and the four seasons are warm, enjoying a spring-like climate. Dehong has abundant rainfall, with hot weather at the same time. Precipitation is mostly concentrated in June to September. When traveling to Dehong, you should prepare necessary sunblock and rain gear.

  • Dry season (October-May): The weather is warm, T-shirts and shorts are necessary. It is cool in Januarary, so if you travel to Dehong in Jan, you should also prepare long sleeves, coat and trousers. In addition, sunglasses, sunscreen, mosquito repellent and sunshade cap are also recommended.
  • Rainy Season (June-September): The weather is hot and humid, and you will feel sweaty, T-shirts and breathable clotehs are recommended . Umbrella, mosquito repellent, sunscreen are essential.

Other necessities:

  • Floral Water, Salt
    In order to prevent mosquitoes and leeches from biting when traveling in the tropical rain forest, it is suggested to spray insect repellent on the body before departure. After being bitten by leeches in the wild, the leeches are sprinkled with salt or concentrated salt solution, which will immediately die and automatically fall off from the skin.
  • Identity Document
    Dehong is located at the border. Please bring your identification documents for border inspection when traveling to Dehong, particularly in Ruili city and the port areas.
  • Sunscreen, Rain Gear
    Dehong has slightly stronger ultraviolet rays and abundant rainfall. Please pay attention to sun protection and sudden rainfall.

Things to Do in Dehong

Dehong travel features in tropical rain forest scenery, ethnic culture, border culture and Jade Culture Tour.  If you want to have an overall glimpse into all facades of Dehong, at least 3 days are suggested for Dehong travel. 

Tropical Rain Forest Tour 

The natural beauty of the region is prominently rendered by the Ruili and Da’ying Rivers which have allowed the thriving flora and fauna, natural scenes and ethnic cultures to thrive. Birding tour to  Yingjiang Hornbill Valley  and hiking to Moli Tropical Rainforest and Moli Waterfall or Drifting on Ruili River will feast your eyes with the pleasant  tropical rain forest scenery. 

Religion Culture Tour

However the  tropical rain forest scenery is not the only attraction of this beautiful area. The Dai people in Dehong believe in Theravada Buddhism and there are stupas spread across the prefecture. Two of them are clearly unique. They are called Tree-Wrapped Pagoda and Pagoda-Wrapped Tree. As the name suggests, the former has a banyan tree wrapped around it and the latter has been built around a tree. It is believed that this has been a natural occurrence and not induced by disciples.  If you want to know about the Theravada Buddhism and the architecture art of Dai temples and pagodas, you shouldn’t miss the temples in Dehong, particularly the famous ones such as Yunyan Stupa Jiele Great Golden PagodaMenghuan Golden Pagoda.

Munao Zongge Festival 

If you visit Dehong in February, you will be able to attend the Munao Zongge Festival which is the grandest celebration of the Jingpo ethnic minority that lasts for three days and falls on the 15th day of the first lunar calendar. Dancing is the main highlight of the festival, you can watch Jingpo people dancing in their folk costumes, with silver ornaments shining and jangling. At the end of the dancing show, all participant are invited in join in the dance, you should have a try.

Jade Discovery & Border Culture

Ruili, take its location advantage for adjacent Burma, is one of the most important trade center of emeralds in China. Large quantity of top-qualitied emeralds has enticed many tourists or buyer from Beijing, Shanghai or Hongkong. Ruili also gained the praise as “Emeralds of Yunnan, Emeralds from Ruili”. Mangshi has some jade wholesale market. Because it’s closed to Burma where it has rich jade and stone resource, with good quality and reasonable price. Ruili Tourist Jewelry StreetJiegao Jade Town in Ruili CityMangshi Jewelry Town have the fine collection of jade and jewelry products for you choice. You may also experience finding gemstones in the Taobaochang in Nangu River, or try a small gamble on stone in Dehong Jewelry Night Market (德龙珠宝夜市).

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Other Useful Information


Most of hotels, hostels and bars in Dehong can provide free Wifi service. 


Most of people in Dehong are Dai people and Jingpo people. They all have their own languages, which are quiet different from Chinese. Most of them can speak good Chinese but hardly English. It is no problem to communicate with young people in mandarin when going to the local area, but not the older ones. 

Money Exchange

Money exchange is offered in any one of the exchanges of Bank of China in Dehong.

  • Bank of China (Weimin Road Office) 中国银行(为民路分理处)
    Address:No. 13, Munao Zonge Road, Mangshi 芒市目瑙纵歌路13号
  • Bank of China (Ruili Sub-branch)中国银行(瑞丽市支行)
    Address:No. 8, Nanmao Street, Ruili City 瑞丽市南卯街8号
  • Bank of China (Jiegao Sub-branch) 中国银行(瑞丽市姐告支行)
    Address:Dongjing 1st Avenue, Jiegao Border Trade Zone, Ruili City 瑞丽姐告边境贸易区东进1大道
  • Bank of China (Mangshi Sub-branch) 中国工商银行(德宏芒市支行)
    Address: No. 30, Bobao Road 芒市胞波路30号
  • Bank of China (Menghuan Road Sub-branch) 中国银行(德宏州勐焕路支行)
    Address: No.3, Menghuan Road, Mangshi City 芒市勐焕路3号 

Post Offices  & Expresses

  • China Post (Dehong Post Office)中国邮政(德宏州邮政局)
    Address: No.136 Tuanjie Street, Mangshi city
    Tel: 0692-2121860
  • Mangshi SF-Express 顺丰速运
    Address: No. 22, Renbao Road, Mangshi 芒市人保路22号
  • Ruili SF-Express  瑞丽顺丰速运(玉石速运)
    Address: Intersection of Renmin Road and C Road, Ruili City 瑞丽市人民路与C号路交叉口


  • Dehong People's Hospital德宏州人民医院
    Address:No.13 Yonghan Street, Mangshi 芒市勇罕街13号
    Tel: 0692-2121798
  • The Second People's Hospital of Dehong  德宏州第二人民医院
    Address:No. 87, Nanbeng Road, Mangshi 芒市南蚌路87号
  • Ruili City People's Hospital of Dehong  瑞丽市人民医院
    Address:No. 17, Renmin Road, Ruili City 瑞丽市人民路17号
    Tel: 0692-4141677 

Safety Precautions

  • 1.Take care of your luggage and important things, such as passport and visa.
  • 2.Check out the weather report before your travel. Do not go sightseeing in bad weather.
  • 3.Respect and follow local custom and avoid conflicts.

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