Dehong Attractions

Dehong attractions are well known  for amazing tropical rain forest, colorful ethnic culture and border culture. Travelers can enjoy the leisure life  in the ethnic villages, such as Hansha Village, appreciating the folk song and dance of local people. There are also natural tropical scenic spots like Ruili River and Moli Tropical Rainforest . Moreover, local Buddhist architectures can show you the beliefs of local people, such as the Yunyan Stupa and Menghuan Golden Pagoda.  The followings are attractions in Dehong listed for your choice of Dehong tours.

Top Attractions in Dehong

When you travel to Dehong prefecture, it is highly recommended to pay a visit to the famous One Tree Forest, Moli Tropical Rainforest, Ruili River and Moli Waterfall, you will feast your eyes on the charming and pleasant scenery. Ethnic culture exploration to ethnic villages (Dadenghan Dai Village ), religion culture tour to local temples and frontier culture experience to the border port or border towns are also the hot tours in Dehong.