Dehong Festivals and Events

Dehong festivals and activities tell you what to do during the festival tour in Dehong, and they will surely enrich your Yunnan Travel.  Dehong is a place where multi-ethnic groups inhabit. As the major minorities inhabited in Dehong, Dai, Jingpo, Achang, Lisu and Deang formed their distinctive ethnic culture which is also revealed in their ethnic festivals. Different nationalities create different cultures. Therefore, there are diverse festivals in Dehong

Dehong Festivals

Besides the pleasant subtropical climate and beautiful tropical rainforest scenery, the unique festivals and activities also make your travel in Dehong impressive. They contribute to the colorful and majestic culture in Dehong. Here are some festivals and activities in Dehong. The most famous festivals in Dehong are Water Splashing Festival of Dai people and Munaozongge Festival of Jingpo people.

Popular Ethnic Festivals in Dehong

Table of Ethnic Festivals in Dehong

Date Festival Ethnic Group
Around December 24th every year Kuoshi Festival  Lisu 
From the 15th to 19th days of first lunar month Munaozongge Festival Jingpo
April 13 -15 Water Splashing Festival  Dai
Mid April Caihua Festival or Flowers Picking Festival  Dai  
The 7th day of the first and fifth lunar month Huajie (Flower Street) Festival  Dai
Mid June of the lunar month Guanmen (Closing Door) Festival  Dai 
Mid September of the lunar month Chuwa Festival and Ganduo Festival Dai 
The 8th or 9th lunar month New Rice Festival (Xinmijie)  Jingpo 
The 10th day of  the 2nd lunar month Girls Festival (Guniangjie / Nengxianjie)  Jingpo 
The 12th lunar month to the 1st month of next year New Year Festival  Achang 
June 25th of the lunar month Torch Festival  Achang 
The 12th lunar month Shaobaichai Festival  Achang 
3 months after Jinwa Festival Chuwa (Kaimen/Opening Door) Festival  Achang 
Some days during June to September Jinwa (Guanmen/Closing Door) Festival  Achang
A week of the Qingming Festival Water Splashing Festival  Achang 
3 days during the 8th to 9th lunar months Ganbai Festival  Achang 
The 14th or 15 th day of the  12th lunar month Shaobaichai (Firewood) Festival Deang 
Once a year on unfixed day Zuobai Festival  Deang 
The 8th lunar month Kaimen Festival  Deang 
The 6th lunar month Guanmen Festival  Deang 
Mid April Watering Flowers Festival (Jiaohuajie)  Deang 
The 4th day of the first lunar month. Aluwoluo Festival  Achang 
Mid September of lunar month Kaimen (Opening Door ) Festival  Dai 

Activities in Dehong

Diverse ethnic festivals also contribute to the various activities in Dehong. For your Dehong Festival Tours, you can join in the activities such as water splashing and dancing with local ethnic people at Munao Zongge Festival. During the festivals, you can watch the folk dances and sacrificial ceremonies and listen to the folk songs. There are also other cultural and tourism festivals such as Sino-Burmese Baobo Carnival  , Hulusi Cultural Tourism Festival and International Bird Watching Festival for you to explore more about Dehong culture.

Activity Location Theme
Hulusi Cultural Tourism Festival Lianghe County Hulusi performing and its culture
Chuwa Festival and Ganduo Festival Major temples and pagodas in Dehong Buddhism sacrificial activities
Sino-Burmese Baobo Carnival  Ruili Harmonious gathering of Chinese and Burmese.
 Sword Playing (Shuadao)  / Folk culture of Jingpo people
Huanhuangdan Festival  Temples of Achang ethnic people Buddhism sacrificial activities
Shaobaichai Festival  Templs of Achang ethnic people Ceremony of blessing
 Redwood Culture Festival  Ruili City Exhibition of redwood product
International Bird Watching Festival Yingjiang County Exhibition of photos of bird species and tour prodcuts related to bird wacthing.

Regional Festivals and Activities

Dehong Festival Tours

Our Dehong festival tour will guide you to experience the famous festivals in Dehong, such as Water Splashing Festival, Munao Zongge Festival and Kuoshi festival, to learn and know more about Dehong culture. If you want Dehong tours themed on other festivals, please contact our travel consultants, and they will customize an itinerary for you.