Dehong Dining

Dehong Dining will give you information about the popular food and snacks in Dehong and the best local restaurants for your choice of where to eat in Dehong.

What to Eat in Dehong

The local people of Dehong have their own traditional food and their own taste. The Dai people's diet is sour and refreshing, and the Jingpo people’ s are spicy. The tastes of the localities are mixed,renewed and integrated into the local taste of Dehong. The cuisine and snack are the highlights of Dehong.

Must-try Food in Dehong

Pestled Dish Of Jingpo People 景颇舂菜

In the menu of Jingpo people in the the Dehong, the most featured dish is pestled dish. All the people who have tasted it gave their high praise. Pestled dish always play leading role on the dining table of Jingpo people. There is a saying which goes like this, “if the pestling canister does not work, you will not have a good meal.” Almost every Jingpo family owns a pestling canister, and almost every Jingpo family has pestled dish for every meal. In addition, all the dishes can be cooked this way. 

Glutinous Rice 糯米

Dai minority is different because some of them live in basin, some are called Water Dai (水傣) and some Han Dai(汉傣), while they have almost the same in diet custom.  They all like to eat glutinous rice. It’s inherited from their ways of production and diet customs,because they often go far away from their village for farming, it’s not convenient to go back to eat, then they take their meals to the farmland. They prefer to eating glutinous rice with hands.

Green Leaf Feast 绿叶宴

Jingpo minority treat their guests with Green Leaf Feast. It includes grilled fish, glutinous rice, tuynia herb, fried eggs, pancake, fish and some other vegetables, 7-9 dishes in total. Except eggs and rice are steamed, the other dishes are all grilled and packed in green plantain leaves.

Sapie 撒撇

It is a kind of seasoning made by Dai people in Dehong. People take liquid from certain part of intestines of a killed cattle, boil and filtrate it, and then mix it with salt, chilli, monosodium glutamate, and beef mince. ‘Sapie’ usually goes with rice noodles, or slices of meat. ‘Sapie’ tastes a little bitter, but has a functions of stimulating appetite and reviving and relieving internal heat.

Toasted Porket 火烧猪

Toasted porket is one of the best dishes for entertaining guests among Dai people. Dai people would choose small ear pigs breeded in Dehong. The meat of those pigs is thin-skin with tender taste. After the baking process, the porket smell good and you can slice them up, and serve them with seasonings of Dai ethnic minority.

Famous Dehong Cuisines by Ethnic Groups

Dish Name Ethnic Group
Ghost Chiken (景颇鬼鸡) Jingpo
Meat Roasted in Bamboo (竹筒菜) Jingpo
Guoshou Rice Noodle (过手米线) Achang
Dried Beef (牛干巴) Dai
Fried Bamboo Insect (油炸竹虫) Dai
Boiled River Snail with Paha (帕哈煮螺丝) Dai

Snacks in Dehong

Sticky Rice Cooked in A Bamboo Tube 竹筒饭

The bamboo tube used to cook rice must be fresh, with delicate fragrance. One end of the tube is a bamboo joint. Dai people put some dunked sticky rice and some water into a tube, and stuff the other open end with banana leaf. The tube is then put over a slow fire and baked till the rice is ready.

Paoluda 泡鲁达

It’s a famous sweet dessert in Burma and Thailand. But it is spread to Yunnan later. It has milk, dry bread, shimmy, coconut shred and other materials. It’s very cheap and popular, the price is around 10RMB. A very popular local Paoluda store is called Mangshi Laonai Cold Drink (芒市老奶冷饮), a lot of tourists like to go there and try Paoluda. It is the necessary drink in summer of Mangshi city.

Haobeng /Crisp Pancake (豪本)

"Haoben" is the transliteration from a Dai ethnic word which means crisp pancake. It is also a dessert of the Dai ethnic people prepared during the Water Splashing Festival. Basic materials for Haobeng include glutinous rice, black sugar, yolk and sesame--all of which are ground together for making dough. When cakes made from the dough are dried, they can be prepared by baking.

 Haoluosuo/Glutinous Rice Cake (豪罗索)

"Haoluosuo" is also the transliteration from a Dai ethnic word which means glutinous rice cake. It is usually prepared during the Water Splashing Festival. Basic materials for Haoluosuo include glutinous rice, black sugar and smashed peanut, then the glutinous rice dough with the stuffing inside is wrapped in banana leave and steamed for half an hour. 

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Where To Eat in Dehong

There are many restaurants in Dehong to enjoy the local food such as Dai food and Jingpo food, as well as Southeast Asian food. Western food restaurants and Muslim restaurants can also be found in Dehong. Dehong dining this part will give you information about where to eat in Dehong.

Popular Local Restaurants in Dehong

  • Mengmaoyan Restaurant (瑞丽勐卯宴)
    Address: No. 649, Ruili Avenue (opposite the Delong Jewelry Center) 瑞丽大道649号(德龙珠宝城对面)
    Open Time: 09:30-22:00
    Tel: 0692-6663308, 0692-6663309
  • Jingyuan Hand-grasping Rice(瑞丽景缘手抓饭)
    Address:80 Kilometers Southern of the Intersection of Ruihong Road and Tuanjie Road 瑞宏路与团结路交叉口南80米
    Open Time: 11:00-21:00
  • Jingpo Feast (景颇宴)
    Address: Jiegang South Road (Intersection of Ruili Avenue and Jiegang Road) 姐岗南路(瑞丽大道与姐岗路交叉路口)
    Open Time: 09:00-21:00
  • Dreamy Dehong (梦幻德宏)
    Address: No. 46, Baobo Road, Mangshi City芒市胞波路46号
    Open Time: 09:00-20:00
  • Yueshi Sapie Main Store (芒市岳氏撒苤总店)
    Address: Guanglaliang Street, Menghuan Subdistrict, Mangshi City芒市勐焕街道广腊亮街
    Open Time: 09:00-20:00
  • Pin Dehong Restaurants品德宏餐厅(芒市店)
    Address: No. 38, Feicui Community, Feicui Road, Mangshi City芒市翡翠路翡翠小区38号
    Open Time: 10:00-20:00

Southeast Asian Food Restaurants

  • Chiang Rai Thai Restaurants (瑞丽清莱泰国餐厅)
    Address: No.51, Guangmu Road, Ruili City瑞丽市广母路51号
    Open Time: 10:00-21:00
  • Jue Jue Weidao (Ruili Avenue Branch) 瑞丽觉觉味道·异国风情(瑞丽大道店)
    Address: No.42, Dengmu Village, Ruili Avenue, Ruili City瑞丽市瑞丽大道等母村42号
    Open Time: 11:00-23:00
    Tel: 4114565, 4141281
  • Mai Tai Thai Restaurants (Mangshi Store) 麦泰餐厅泰国料理(芒市店)
    Address:No. B-04, Jiayuan Mansion, Kuoshi Road, Mangshi City (near Mangshi City Square) 阔时路嘉源公馆B-04号(芒市广场旁)
    Open Time: 11:30-14:00 17:00-22:00
    Tel: 0692-2111722
  • Thai Style Chicken Oil Rice (泰国鸡油饭)
    Address: Near Youyi Clinic, Derui Road, Mangshi City芒市德瑞路友谊诊所旁
    Tel: 0692-2127660

Muslim Restaurants in Dehong

  • Hongli Hui Restaurant (宏利回族食馆)
    Address: 50 kilometers northern of Shuiyunju Business Hote, Ruili City瑞丽市水云居商务宾馆北50米
    Open Time: 08:00-24:00
    Tel: 4154137
  • Weishan Muslim Restaurant(巍山清真食馆)
    Address: No.1, Ruijiang Road, Ruili City瑞丽市瑞江路1号
    Open Time: 08:00-22:00
  • 786 Husa Laoma Village Hui Restaurant (786户撒老马寨回族食馆)
    Address: No. 27, Weiguo Road, Longchuan County陇川县卫国北路27号
    Open Time: 08:00-22:00
  • Tengying Hui Restaurant (腾盈回族食馆)
    Address: 50 kilometers eastern of the intersection of Mengla Road and Xxiangcheng Road, Yingjiang County盈江县勐腊路与象城路交叉口东50米
    Tel: 0692-8187687

Western Restaurants in Dehong

  • Kahu Chinese and Western Restaurant咔壶中西餐
    Address: No.71, Ruijiang Road, Ruili City瑞丽市瑞江路71号
    Tel: 0692-8888775
    Open Time: 12:00-24:00
  • Changdi Western Restaurant (长堤西餐厅)
    Address: 2rd Floor of Jiuzhou Restaurant, Biancheng Street, Ruili City瑞丽市边城街九洲饭店二楼
    Tel: 0692- 4153405
    Open Time: 11:00-00:00
  • Jinhe Store (Ruili Branch) 晶合Store瑞丽店
    Address: South Gate of Maohu Park, Tuanjie South Road, Ruili City瑞丽市团结路南卯湖公园南大门
    Tel: 0692- 3031111
    Open Time: 10:00-23:30
  • Dicos (Nanmao Street Branch)德克士(南卯街店)
    Address: Intersection of Nanmao Street and Ruijing Road, Ruili City南卯街与瑞京路交叉口

Regional Dining in Dehong