Hekou County Culture

Dujie culture度戒文化

Du Jie Yao is an important Taoist beliefs system and unique male rites of the Yao people, usually men, 13-20 must go through the ring. Ring has a strict ceremony chaired by the Division. Man said after the ordination was a young adult, made participation in community activities, qualification of love marriage.

Du Jie LAN Dian Yao people, white line of the estuary Yao, Sha Yao Yao four branches, red head has quit practice, but age, quit the program, there are some differences. Quit dividing two divisions, road. On the Division was divided into “Mount Wutai was born” and “the Yin du Jie” of two.

Kings day, also known as Pan Wang Yuan, skip King, is King of the Yao people worshiped their ancestors (Pangu) Grand Festival, and gradually developed into a King.

Usually held before the Spring Festival after harvest to slack time, holiday Yao people men, women and children to wear their national costumes, live together in singing, dancing, celebrating the King Festival (dance King). Sing to the King song, also known as the King of song of songs, each holding about 80 cm long drum dance, usually two or four people dancing. On May 20, 2006, the King by the State Council approved the inclusion of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

Section main activities for the King: King section to a family or lianhu agglomeration or are of the same people. But to kill a sacrifice ritual.