Hekou County Administrative Divisions

By 2017, Hekou Yao Autonomous County has jurisdiction over 2 towns and 4 townships, including an ethnic town. It is further divided into 27 village committees, 285 villager's groups, 4 communities and 4 state-owned farms.

2 Towns

Hekou Town河口镇 and Nanxi Town南溪镇

4 Townships

Laofanzhai Township老范寨乡, Yaoshan Township瑶山乡, Lianhuatan Township莲花滩乡 and Qiaotou Miao and Zhuang Ethnic Town桥头苗族壮族乡.

4 State-owned Farms

Hekou Farm河口农场, Basa Farm坝洒农场, Nanxi Farm南溪农场, Mahuangbao Farm蚂蝗堡农场

Ethnic Town

The only ethnic town in Hekou: Qiaotou Miao and Zhuang Ethnic Town桥头苗族壮族乡

Traditional Ethnic Villages

Baihei Village(白黑村) in Qiaotou Ethnic Town, Hekou County, Honghe

Bajiaotian Village(芭蕉田村) in Qiaotou Ethnic Town, Hekou County, Honghe

Qiaotou Village(桥头村) in Qiaotou Ethnic Town, Hekou County, Honghe

Detailed Information of Traditional Ethnic Villages.