Hekou County Climate

The lowest altitude in Hekou County is 76.4 meters, and the highest altitude is 2354.1 meters. With low latitude, Hekou county enjoys the tropical monsoon climate. Hekou climate is classified as warm and temperate. The summers are more rainfall than the winters in Hekou.


In 2008, the annual temperature is 23℃ on average, It's not much different than the average over the years. The extreme maximum temperature in the year is about 39℃ in July, and extreme minimum temperature is 7.1℃ in January.


The total precipitation is 2022.7 mm, which is more than the average over the years. The greatest amount of rainfall occurs in August, accounting for one third of annual rainfall. In most of other periods, rainfall is normal and relatively uniform.

Sunshine Duration

The amount of sunshine in the year is 1392.7 hours, 212.4 less than the average over the years.

The Best Time to Visit Hekou County

Travel is available all the year round in Hekou County. If you dislike rainy days, try to avoid traveling in August.

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