Hekou County Accommodation

Since the opening-up to the world, Hekou County has strengthened economic and trade activities with Vietnam. Infrastructure in Hekou has also been developed. Accommodation in Hekou can be easily available with favorable price. We will list some recommended hotels in Hekou.

Chinese Name English Name Address Phone Number
河口云岭新河湾酒店 Hekou Yunling Xinhewan Hotel Beishan Service Area, Xinhe Expressway, Hekou Town, Hekou County(新河高速公路北山服务区) 0873-3566666
河口华旭上午大酒店 Huaxu Business Hotel Guangling Street, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口县河口镇广龄街) 0873-3566999
河口天宝大酒店 Tianbao Hotel Nearby Yuenan Street, No.10, Binhe Avenue, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口县滨河大道10号近越南街) 0873-8898888
河口金帝商务大酒店 Jindi Business Hotel No.32, Binhe Road, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口县滨河路32号) 0873-3555555
河口国际公寓 Hekou International Apartment No.2, Renmin Road, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口县人民路2号) 0873-3422222
河口亚洲主题酒店 Hekou Asia Hotel No.85, Guangling Street, Hekou Town, Hekou County(广龄街85号)  0873-3451999
河口汉京酒店 Hekou Hanjing Hotel China Vietnam City, Hekou County(河口县中国越南城) 0873-3576888
河口滨江国际酒店 Binjiang International Hotel Binhe Road, Hekou County(河口县滨江路) 0873-3503333
河口华都主题酒店 Huadu Theme Hotel Nearby China-Vietnam Bridge, Beishan New District(北山新区靠近中越铁路大桥) 0873-3456688
七天连锁酒店 7 days Inn Binhe Road, Hekou County(河口县滨河路) 0873-3509888
河口闽红大酒店 Minhong Hotel Beishan New Bus Terminal(北山新客运站) 0873-3429999
河口1982青年旅舍 Hekou 1982 Youth Hostel No.17, Huuancheng Road, Hekou County(河口县环城路17号) 13649607299
红河越南攻略青年旅舍 Honghe Vietnam Gonglue Youth Hostel Wenming Street, Hekou County(河口县文明街) 13686203401
河口红桥大酒店 Honghe Hongqiao Hotel No.88, Renmin Road, Honghe County(河口县人民路88号) 0873-3425188
河口和仑精品酒店 Hekou Helun boutique Hotel Jinse Shuian, Renmin Road, Hekou County(人民路金色水岸) 0873-8879666

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