Hekou County Culture

Hekou ethnic minorities culture includes ethnic groups, ethnic town, traditional ethnic villages and ethnic festivals of Hekou.

1. Ethnic Groups

Among the population of Hekou Yao Autonomous County, Han people are 38.42% of total population, ethnic minorities are 61.58% of total population. Ethnic minority groups in Hekou include Yao, miao, zhuang, Yi, Dai, Hani, Hui, Lahu and Buyi. Since Hekou County is the only Yao autonomous county in Yunnan, Yao ethnic group is the largest minority group in Hekou, taking up 22.96% of total population.

2. Ethnic Town

Qiaotou Miao and Zhuang Ethnic Town桥头苗族壮族乡

3. Traditional Ethnic Villages

Baihei Village(白黑村) in Qiaotou Ethnic Town, Hekou County, Honghe

Bajiaotian Village(芭蕉田村) in Qiaotou Ethnic Town, Hekou County, Honghe

Qiaotou Village(桥头村) in Qiaotou Ethnic Town, Hekou County, Honghe

Detailed Information of Traditional Ethnic Villages.

4. Ethnic Festivals

As the largest minority group of Hekou, Yao owns its unique festival and custom, involving its grandest traditional festival, Panwang Festival; unique coming-of-age ceremony, Dujie Ceremony(度戒礼); and folk custom of marriage propose.