Hekou County Dining

In addition to rich tropical fruits, there are also some local special food in Hekou County. Hekou County and Vietnam are just separated by Honghe river, people, who live on the border area of two countries, have a mutual effect on daily life and food. Therefore, you can eat a lot of food with Vietnam flavor.

What to Eat in Hekou County

1. Lemongrass Roast Fish

Barbecue stands in Hekou County are generally not far from the fish pond. Fresh fish is preserved with freshly picked lemongrass, wild coriander, scallion, ginger and soy sauce for 30 minutes, then roasting it on charcoal fire until brown.

2. Fried Spring Roll

Spring roll in Hekou County is a traditional rice food. It is elaborately made and has a unique flavor. Anyone who comes to Hekou County should taste this spring roll. Fried spring roll is a well-known banquet dish in Hekou County.

3. Meat and vegetable stuffing Bun

It is a local famous dish in Hekou County. Its main ingredients are Chinese cabbage, minced meat, egg and paprika powder.

4. Vietnamese Steamed Rice Roll

When you are traveling in Hekou County, you must taste the Vietnamese rice roll. No one should come to Hekou County not eat Vietnamese rice roll, since you can find it almost a whole Hekou.

Where to Eat in Hekou County

1. Honghegu 1897红河谷1897

Address: Renmin Road, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口县人民路)

Tel: 0873-3426111

2. Xuanjie Snack喧婕小吃

Address: Fusheng Road, Hekou County(河口县福生路)

3. Old Times老时光

Address: Beishan Ethnic Culture Square, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口镇北山民族文化广场)

Tel: 0873-3426617

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