Hekou County Shopping

Geographical coordinate of Hekou County is 22°30′-23°02′north latitude, belongs to low latitude and tropical area with sufficient heat, which is suitable for fruit growth. There are fruits in four seasons, including banana, tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, jack fruit, litchi, durian, coconut and so on. If you are a fruit lover, Hekou could be your shopping paradise. Hekou shopping will give a brief introduction to these fruits.

What to Buy in Hekou County

1. Hekou Pineapple

Honghe Prefecture has a long history of pineapple cultivation, with large production. Hekou has the reputation of "banana on the head, pineapple under the feet".

2. Hekou Banana

Banana is perennial evergreen tropical fruit tree with strong adaptability and lodging resistance. It is one of the banana cultivars of Yunnan since 1960s.

3. Jack Fruit

It is the must-eat fruit in Hekou. Jack fruit grows in tropical and subtropical area, and becomes ripe in July and August. It is rich in multivitamin and nutrition, and also called the Queen of Tropical Fruit. Jack fruit is the heaviest fruit in the world, the average weight is 5-20 kilograms and the heaviest is over 50 kilograms.

4. Fotou Fruit(佛头果)

Fotou fruit, also called shakya, is a typical tropical fruit in Hekou. The underripe fruit appears dark green and the ripe fruit appears light green or greenish yellow.

5. Lychee

Almost all the lychees in Hekou come from Vietnam.

6. Longan

It is one of the commonest fruits in Hekou, there are many shops selling dried longan on the street.

7. Yaoshan Tsaoko(瑶山草果)

Planed on valley slope and moist woodland, Tsaoko can be used as seasoning and also medicine. It is one of the economic crops in Yaoshan township. Every year from September to October is the harvest season.

Where to Buy in Hekou County

1. Sino-Vietnam Border Trade Mall中越边贸商城

Address: No.9, Binhe Road, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口镇滨河路9号)

2. Hekou Jinming Border Shopping Mall河口金明边贸城

Address: The Crossroad of Wenming Street and Binhe Road, Hekou Town, Hekou County(文明街与滨河路交叉口)

3. Hekou Jinhe Fruit Market河口金河水果市场

Address: No.16, Beishan Road, Hekou Town, Hekou County(北山路16号)

Tel: 0873-3425338

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