Molie Village of Dongguo (Xibanshan Mountain) in Mengku Town, Lincang

Plan your Lincang Ethnic Villages Tour to Lincang? Visit Molie Village of Dongguo in Shuangjiang County, Lincang which is one of the most fascinating ethnic villages in Lincang. Explore the local folk ethnic culture including History, Food and Dining, Clothing, Customs and Traditions, Architecture, Festivals, Crafts, Religion, Language of local ethnic people in Molie Village of Dongguo in Shuangjiang County, Lincang.

Chinese Name: 勐库西半山:磨烈村
English Name: Molie Village of Dongguo (Xibanshan Mountain) in Mengku Town, Lincang|

Molei Village(磨烈村) is subordinate to Dongguo Village(懂过行政村), Mengku Town, Shuangjiang Lahu, Wa, Blang, Dai Autonomous County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province which is belongs to the mountainous area. It is located in the west of Mengku town(勐库镇), 3.00 kilometers from Dongguo village committee, 22.00 kilometers from Mengku town. Annual average temperature 20.00 ℃ , annual precipitation 1,750.00 mm, suitable for planting tea and walnut also other crops. There are about 55.77 acres of cultivated land, of which about o.5775 acres of cultivated land per capita; there are about 33 acres of forest land.

Molie Village of Dongguo (Xibanshan Mountain) in Mengku Town, Lincang


Molie Village of Dongguo (Xibanshan Mountain) in Mengku Town, Lincang

Dongguo Village(懂过) is located in a small mountain range extending obliquely from the big snow mountain of Bangma(邦马大雪山). The whole stockade can’t see the east half of the mountain but facing the DaHusai Village(大户赛) and the Bangma snowy mountain. Dongguo’s position is like the Dongbanshan (东半山) born in Xibanshan (西半山). Dongguo can’t be seen from Mengku dam, nor from Danuo Village(坝糯) and Najiao Village(那蕉) in the eastern half of the mountains. Dongguo is blocked by two big rivers which covered by five or six layers of mountain peaks, too.

At an altitude of 1,750 meters, the high forest cover index constitutes a unique natural condition. There are a lot of century-old trees in existence which are famous for their high fragrance, strong taste and weighty quality. The new tea has a rich taste
which is similar to Bingdao tea. It has a strong scent and a long-lasting sweetness with fragrant. Feels thick and heavy, the sweetness is not weak in Bingdao tea(冰岛茶) but the quality is stronger.

About Molie Tea (磨烈古茶), Neither gold nor jade is as precious as it is, nor snow nor ice is as pure as it is(金玉不足喻其贵),neither the stars nor the essence of the sun can compare with it(星日不足喻其精), nor is the color offlowers enough to describe it(花月不足喻其色). Just like Xishi of Yue Kingdom(越之西子), those who are good at slandering others cannot cover up her beauty(善毁者难闭其美).


Compared with Dongguo(懂过), Molei (磨烈subordinate to Dongguo tea district) andBingdao three kinds of teas which produced by the ancient domain, Molei’s aroma is steady, Dongguo’s fragrance is high and short, while Bingdao Tea fragrance is high and long. About tongue reaction, all of them have the background of Mengku ancient tree tea which with a slight bitter base. Dongguo’s bitter base is little heavy, followed by Molei’s, Icelandic basically has no. Dongguo tea has a slight bitter entrance but it disappeared quickly. Molei tea is a little bitter, but the soup is thick and thick. Bingdao tea focuses on the harmony of the soup, and it’s very good for the production of saliva and sweet teast. After several bubbles, it also as sweet as ice sugar with very distinct characteristics! However, in terms of tea Qi, grinding is the best, followed by Icelandic , Dongguo is the last!(磨烈为上,冰岛次之,懂过居末)

Compared with Bingdao Tea, Bingdao Tea wins from the beginning to the end while Molie is silent until it’s brilliant. The sweetness of Molie tea is valued of “later attack”(“后发制人”). The mellow entrance of the tea soup, such as the golden willow bent by the snow in early spring, the jade plum blossom scattered by the wind in the last month. When the willows are folded and the flowers are flying away, the sweet taste comes with the back of our saliva which makes people feel ecstatic before they know it. The true flavor of the Molie ancient tea is that gentle after intense!
Translated byJiang Zhuoran/蒋卓然
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