Shuangjiang County Dining

There are some dishes you may feel strange and you've never heard before in Shuangjiang county. Once you get there, you ought to give it a try. There may be a different surprise.

1. Rice noodle roll(米干)

Overseas Chinese rice noodle roll of Tao family(陶氏华侨米干) in national highway 214, the road junction of Mengku Town(214国道勐库镇路口), is well-known in Shuangjiang County.

2. Bamboo Tube Honey Tea(竹筒蜂蜜茶)

Cultivating bees and making honey is the tradition of Bulang ethnic group. During the long life practice, Bulang people have created the production and tea-drinking custom of bamboo tube honey tea.

3. Smelly Black Bean Sauce of Wa(佤族臭豆豉酱)

Stewing the soybean until it is tender and fermenting half a month by the sweltering of fireplace, then it becomes smelly black bean sauce. Wrapping it with Herba Laggerae to keep the stink, seasoning with pepper, garlic and cherry tomato etc.

4. Mengku Pickled Tea (勐库腌茶)

The method is a bit like pickled vegetable. People Put the tea into a pottery pot after blanching the fresh tea, add salt and rice soup, and then ferment for a week.

5. Steam Meat with Tea Aroma(茶香粉蒸肉)

Firstly frying star anise, rice and Pu'er tea and grounding into powder, then adding light soy sauce, tea water and brown sugar and mixing well with streaky pork, finally steaming until it is cooked.

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