Shuangjiang County Festivals and Events

Shuangjiang county is famous for its multi-ethnic culture, Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai are four main ethnic minorities. There is a long history of tea, and various ethnic groups have their own method of tea making and tea-drinking custom. Therefore, festivals and activities in Shuangjiang county are mainly related to minorities and tea.

1. Water-splashing Festival

Every year, the Water-splashing Festival is counted by the Dai calendar. The specific time is roughly on April 14, 15 and 16 in the Solar calendar. It is blessed, happy and passionate festival to pray for washing away the past year’s bad things and welcoming the New Year.

2. The Torch Festival

In Shuangjiang county, every year on the 24th day of the 6th lunar month, Lahu, Wa, and Yi celebrate their traditional Torch Festival. Lahu people call the Torch Festival as “Men’s Festival”, Wa people call “Bie Fetivlal(别节)”.

3. Tea-picking and Tea-tasting

Every year, from May to July, it's time for Bindao tea picking. Bindao tea(冰岛茶) is the big leaf tea produced in Bindao village, Mengku Town, Lincang.

4. 72 Dance Routines of Lahu(拉祜族72路打歌)

Singing, dancing and playing Lusheng are doing at the same time. 72 dance routines have different dance postures, dance steps and melodies. It reflects a long history of Lahu people.

5. Jizong Spinning Top(鸡枞陀螺)

At present, Jizong spinning top is unique to Shuangjiang Wa people in China. Performing a Jizong spinning top is extremely difficult. The Jizong spinning top is made of hard purple poplar and it got the name because it looks like wild fungus Jizong.