Shuangjiang County Attractions

The combination human landscapes and natural landscapes can make you not only feel the profound history, but also enjoy beautiful natural scenery. In Shuangjiang county, natural landscapes like Mengku Tea Mountain(勐库茶山), Dalangba Forest Park(大浪坝森林公园), Mengku Ancient Tea Valley(勐库古茶谷), Shuangjiang Ferry(双江渡口); Human landscapes like Shennong Ancestral Temple(神农嗣), Mangnuo Stone Inscriptions(忙糯石刻群), Baixiang Temple(白象寺) and many traditional villages like Nanzhi Village(南直村), Bingdao Village(冰岛村) and Sanjiacun Village(三家村) etc. More attractions and information, please check the following list.