Shuangjiang County Shopping

Shuangjiang County provides colorful folk culture, traditional handicrafts and local specialties. While enjoying a beautiful scenery and multi-ethnic culture, tourists can also taste local specialties and experience traditional crafts making.

What to Purchase

1. Shuangjiang Iceland Tea(双江冰岛茶)

With a long history, Bingdao Village is a noted ancient tea village in Mengku town, Shuangjiang county. It is abundant in large leaf tea and is one of the earliest places in the county where tea trees were cultivated artificially.

2. Mengku Mandarin Orange and Navel Orange(勐库橘子、脐橙)

Enjoy a sufficient heat and abundant rainfall, oranges grow well in Shuangjiang county. Mandarin orange and navel orange are of good quality.

3. Handmade Pottery of Dai(傣族手工制陶)

Handmade pottery is a traditional ethnic craft of Shuangjiang Dai people. The Dai villages like Datuguo village(大土锅村) and Xiaotuguo village(小土锅村) in Shahe township were famous for Olla making in history.

4. Micuo(米错)

Micuo is a traditional haversack of Lahu. It is not only the living goods of Shuangjiang Lahu people, but also one of the favorite costumes of Lahu men and women. It is made of black cloth or red and white thread which is woven by Lahu girls. It is bright in color and designed beautifully.

5. Tripe Quilt(牛肚被)

At present, tripe quilt is a fine textile craft of Bulang people, which still exists in Dananzhi village, Shuangjiang county(双江县大南直村). It is made of cotton and it got the name because it looks like tripe.

Where to Buy

1. Laoxiangyun Shopping Mall(老祥云购物中心)

Address: The crossing of Mengmeng North Road and Baixiang Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐北路与白象路交叉口)

Tel: 15198602322

2. Wankelong Shopping Mall(万客隆购物广场)

Address: Linmeng Road, Mengku Town(勐库镇林勐线)

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