Shuangjiang County Education

By 2014, there were 23 primary and secondary schools in Shuangjiang county. Shuangjiang county has been exempted from tuition fees for regular high school students from 2014, totally 1.8 million yuan. While being exempted from the tuition fees for high school students in Shuangjiang county, it also raised 46 million yuan for ordinary high school in minority areas where the educational foundation is weak. Shuangjiang County has completed the construction of teaching buildings, student dormitories and roads, 17,600 square meters in total. Come and begin your students education tour.

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The first high school in Shuangjiang County

No.61 Yucai Road, Mengmeng Town, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐勐镇育才路61号)


Shahe Middle School

Mengsha Road, Shahe Township, Shuangjiang County(双江县沙河乡勐沙线)


Shuangjiang County Secondary Vocational School

Yucai Road, Mengmeng Town, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐勐镇育才路)


Ethnic Primary School

No.98 Baixiang Road, Mengmeng Town, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐勐镇白象路98号)


Mengku Chashan Primary School

Village Road 033, Mengku Town, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐库镇033乡道)


Mengmeng Primary School

Bangmai Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇邦迈路)


Mangpiao Primary School

Mengmeng South Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇勐勐南路)


Qianbeng Primary School

Mengmeng North Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇勐勐北路)


Mengku Primary School

Chengzi Village, Mengku Town(勐库镇城子村)


Mangna Primary School

Mangna Village, Mengku Town, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐库镇忙那村)


Haigong Hope Primary School

National Road 214, Haigong Village, Mengku Town(勐库镇亥公村214国道)


Shuangjiang County Center Kindergarten

Abugu Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇阿布谷路)


Chengdong Kindergarten

No.36 Gonghen Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇公很路36号)


Mengmeng Kindergarten

Mengmeng Town, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐勐镇)

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