Shuangjiang County Travel Tips

Here are some travel tips which may help you tour in Shuangjiang county.

Useful Numbers

Fire: 119

Police: 110

Ambulance: 120

Weather Forecast: 121

Consumer Complaint: 12315

Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 

Tourist Complaint: 0883-7121005


Although the climate in Shuangjiang is warm all the year round, temperature in winter and spring is colder than summer and autumn. Summer and autumn can be hot and humid, you can wear summer clothes like short skirt, shorts, thin coat and so on. Large temperature difference from day to night in Winter and spring, you are supposed to wear long sleeves, long pant and warm coat.


Precipitation is heavy in Summer. During rainy season, it is prone to natural disasters. You'd better not hike on rainy days.


During rainy days, the ultraviolet ray is relatively weak; while sunny days, the ultraviolet ray is strong. You'd better prepare the sun cream, hat or long-sleeve coat to prevent sunburn.

The Best time to Visit

Shuangjiang is a county for tour available all year around because of favorable weather. However, the best time to go there is from March to October. Because there are many festivals of ethnic minority groups, many fruits and flowers and tea-pickling activities during these months. 


1. Shuangjiang Branch of people’s Bank of China(中国人民银行)

Address: No.37 on Beihui Road, Mengmeng Town, Shuangjiang County(勐勐镇北回归大道37号)

2. Shuangjiang Branch of  Agricultural Bank of China(中国农业银行)

Address: No.3 on Mengmeng North Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇勐勐北路3号)

Tel: 0883-7621177

3. Shuangjiang Branch of Postal Savings Bank(双江邮政储蓄银行)

Address: No.7 on Mengmeng North Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇勐勐北路7号)

Tel: 0883-7621537

Post Offices

1. Post Office of Shuangjiang(双江邮局) 

Address: No.105 on Gucha Street, Shuangjiang County(双江县古茶街105号)

Tel : 0883-7621513

2. Mengku Branch of Post Office(勐库邮政局)

Address: Linmeng Road, Mengku Town, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐库镇林勐线)


1. People's Hospital of Shuangjiang County(双江县人民医院)

Address: No.8 on Mengmeng South Road, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇勐勐南路8号)

Tel: 0883-7621008

2. Ethnic Traditional Chinese Medicine of Shuangjiang County(双江县民族中医院)

Address: Beihuigui Avenue, Mengmeng Town(勐勐镇北回归大道)

Tel: 0883-7627791

3. Mahkota Hospital of Shuangjiang County(双江县仁爱医院)

Address: Binhe Avenue, Mengmeng Town, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐勐镇滨河大道)

Tel: 0883-7627777

Book Stores

1. Xinhua Bookstore(新华书店)

Address: Mengmeng South Road, Shuangjiang County(双江县勐勐南路)

Tel : 0883-7621507

2. Xinhua Bookstore(新华书店)

Address: No.89 on Baixiang Road, Mengmeng Town(白象路89号)

Tel: 0883-7624581