Shuangjiang County Overview

Basic Information

Chinese Name: 双江县

Area Code: 0883

Postal Code: 677300

Population: 170,000(in 2013)

Area: 2165.03 Square Kilometers

Average Temperature: 20.2℃

Altitude: 670 meters-3233 meters

Geographical Location

Shuangjiang Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai Autonomous County is seated the southwest of Yunnan Province. The county seat, Mengmeng town, is along national highway 214, 104 kilometers away from Lincang prefecture, 80 kilometers from Lincang Airport, 755 kilometers from Kunming. Shuangjiang county territory area is 2165.03 square kilometers, tropical of cancer runs through the whole county. The terrain in Shuangjaing is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The middle is river and valley. The highest altitude in Shuangjiang county is 3233 meters, the lowest altitude is 670 meters, county seat altitude is 1050 meters. Landform elevation difference is in great disparity, mountains ups and downs with many valleys. There are 106 rivers in Shuangjiang county, which belong to Lancang river system. The loggest river is Nanmeng River(南勐河), which has overall length of 80 kilometers and 60 branches. The runoff area of Nanmeng river reaches 184.74 square kilometers and its annual average runoff is 5.14 cubic meters per second.

Administrative divisions

As of 2014, Shuangjiang Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai Autonomous County (双江拉祜族佤族布朗族傣族自治县) administers 2 towns, 4 townships, 2 management areas, 3 communities and 72 villages.


The climate is typical subtropical warm humid monsoon climate with abundant sunshine and adequate water resource. Annual average temperature is 20.2℃ and annual average rainfall is between 1000 mm and 1200 mm. It is not cold in winter and not hot in Summer. Tour is available at any seasons. For the best time to visit, most activities and ethnic festivals are mainly from March to October. 

Top Attractions

1. Various Traditional Village: Nanzhi Village, Banggai Village, Baka Village, Molie Village, Mangbang Village, Bingdao Village and so on.

2. Tea Plantation: Bingdao Puer Tea Plantation, ,Banuo Tea Mountain, Dongguo Tea Mountain, The Ancient Tea Plantations in Mengku Snow Mountain and so on.

3. Cultural Landscape: Shennong Ancestral Temple, The Compound of Pu Family, Mangnuo Stone Inscriptions etc.

4. Natural Landscape: Dalangba Forest Park and Shuangjiang Ferry etc.


Two ways to get to Shuangjiang County. One is flying to Lincang airport or Cangyuan Washan Airport first, then heading for Shuangjiang by long-distance bus. One is going to Shuangjiang county by long-distance bus from Kunming directly.

Ethnic Culture

There are 23 ethnic minorities including Lahu, Wa, Bulang, Dai, Bai, Yi and so on, living in Shuangjiang County. Lahu, Wa, Bulang and Dai are main ethnic minority groups. There are most distinctive ethnic culture like Lahu 72 dance routines(拉祜族72路打歌) and Wa Jizong Spinning Top(佤族鸡枞陀螺); The most traditional handcraft like Tripe Quilt and Bee Barrel Drum of Bulang, Freehand ceramics of Dai; Ethnic festivals like water-splashing festival and the torch festivals and different ethnic tea cultures.

Local Specialty

Special food: Bamboo Tube Honey Tea and Mengku Pickled Tea etc.

Special crafts: Handmade Pottery of Dai and Tripe Quilt etc.

Featured Products: Shuangjiang Iceland Tea and Navel Orange.

Recommended Hotels

Shuangjiang county is a small place, so all aspects need further improvement. The hotels recommended in Shuangjiang county include Shuangjiang Huayao Hotel, Shuangjiang Changle Hotel and Shuangjiang Swan Lake Hotel, which can provide a relatively comfortable stay.