Tongtian Gorge of Bala Gezong Grand Canyon in Shangrila, Diqing

Heaven-leading Gorge or Tongtian Gorge
What waits you is a branch gorge of Shangri-la Grand Canyon – Nanka Zhuorong Gorge whose name means a gorge leading to the heaven in Tibetan language. Therefore, it is also called Heaven-leading Gorge or Tongtian Gorge. The gorge actually leads to Balagezong Snow Mountain, a sacred mountain. With a drop of over 11,500 feet (3505m), two cliffs stand opposite to each other almost vertically. Heaven-leading Gorge is so narrow and deep that you can only see a strip of sky overhead. In the gorge you will find an echo wall enabling sounds to reverberate for a long time.

The greatness of Balagezong is more than what mentioned above; the rest needs to be discovered by hiking. However, with a high altitude and harsh conditions, hiking in the Balagezong Scenic Area is a highly demanding task.