Tongtian Gorge of Bala Gezong Grand Canyon in Shangrila, Diqing

Heaven-leading Gorge or Tongtian Gorge
Tongtian Gorge, located within the Bala Gezong Grand Canyon in Shangri-La, is a branch gorge of the Shangri-La Grand Canyon known as Nanka Zhuorong Gorge. In Tibetan, its name translates to “a gorge leading to heaven,” hence it’s also known as Heaven-leading Gorge or Tongtian Gorge. This gorge serves as a pathway to the sacred Balagezong Snow Mountain.

Characterized by its steep cliffs towering over 11,500 feet (3505m) high, Tongtian Gorge features two cliffs facing each other almost vertically, creating a narrow and deep canyon. The sky appears as merely a strip overhead due to the gorge’s depth and narrowness. Additionally, Tongtian Gorge boasts an echo wall that allows sounds to reverberate for an extended period.

Exploring the greatness of Balagezong requires embarking on a hiking adventure. However, hiking in the Balagezong Scenic Area is a challenging task due to its high altitude and harsh conditions. Nevertheless, those who undertake the journey are rewarded with the opportunity to discover the untamed beauty and serenity of this awe-inspiring natural wonder.